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Taurus Compatibility Ranked By Sign: Best & Worst Match

The steadfast Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love and symbolized by the stubborn bull. The Taurus is compatible with a lot of signs, especially those that share in their love for routine and comfort. However, they can also be difficult partners to those who crave adventure and freedom. In this article, we delve into the world of the bull and with what signs it is most compatible. We also give some handy tips on being in a relationship with a Taurus – happy reading!

Taurus Most Compatible Signs In Order

Here is a complete list of Taurus compatibility with other respective Zodiac signs, ordered from most to least compatible. It is important to note that the list is a short summary of each two signs highlighting key personality traits that make for a great pairing as well as traits that can lead to potential issues.

1. Taurus & Taurus

A Taurus and Taurus pair makes a great pair because they both value stability and have shared values and tastes – creating a harmonious environment that nurtures companionship. This duo shares the same Taurus love language & is often an embodiment of tranquility and peace, but because they both have a tendency to be stubborn, it can lead to the occasional conflict.

Nonetheless, both are down to earth and enjoy each other’s company. Same signs typically don’t mix well in relationships, but Taurus just works!

2. Scorpio & Taurus

Both being fixed signs, this pair often produces a relationship filled with intensity and passion. They have an unwavering commitment and prioritize loyalty, fostering a deep and valuable bond between them.

However, both Taurus and Scorpio can be quite stubborn, jealous, and possessive, which might lead to arguments. To thrive, they should manage these traits and don’t let a simple impasse compromise their relationship. Overall, when Scorpio and Taurus overcome this challenge, they form a long-lasting relationship.

3. Capricorn & Taurus

Both these two are earth signs, and they both share a sense of practicality and groundedness. They have a mutual appreciation for ambition and hard work – allowing for a relationship filled with motivation.

One thing to note is that they can become overly focused on work and neglect each other’s emotional needs. However, if they balance ambition with nurturing the relationship, a Taurus and Capricorn relationship is strong and enduring, filled with romance and productivity.

4. Pisces & Taurus

A water x earth sign combination that fosters emotionally deep relationships. A Taurus brings stability to the relationship, while Pisces astrology signs offer emotional empathy.

In this Taurus love compatibility, it is all about embracing the differences and finding ways to make them work. If the pair can manage to balance Pisces’ emotional depth with Taurus’ preference for routine, it creates a beautiful relationship that is deeply satisfying and mutually enriching.

5. Virgo & Taurus

Another earth sign combination, the Taurus x Virgo compatibility is often overlooked, but they create solid and reliable relationships. Both these two signs value practicality and order.

However, Virgos have a tendency for perfection that could clash with Taurus’s stubbornness. But, when they navigate these two traits and gain the ability to take constructive criticism, this pairing can be immensely fulfilling and lasting.

6. Cancer & Taurus

The Taurus and Cancer zodiac compatibility is another combination that produces a harmonious relationship. This is also a water x earth sign combination similar to Pisces and Taurus. The water’s emotional depth provides emotional understanding, while the earth sign’s stability provides a stable base for the Cancer to remain grounded and feel safe.

A potential problem between these two is Cancer’s mood swings and Taurus’s stubbornness. However, if they manage it properly with patience and understanding, their relationship will blossom into an amazing, loving one destined to last for a lifetime.

7. Aquarius & Taurus

A Taurus and Aquarius compatibility is not common because of their contrasting natures. Their relationship often faces numerous challenges. For instance, Aquiries thrive on novelty and change, whereas a Taurus confides in tradition and routine.

However, if both partners step outside of their comfort zones, their relationship can be incredibly stimulating, filled with constant learning and evolution.

8. Libra & Taurus

Both the Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus. They have a mutual appreciation for aesthetics and finer things in life, often sharing a love for beauty, luxury, and harmony. Another plus is that Libra’s social nature can stimulate Taurus to try new things and engage more socially, while Taurus can help keep Libra grounded and steadfast.

However, Libras can be indecisive, which can be incredibly frustrating for Taurus. In turn, the rigid nature of Taurus can be a problem for Libras. Open communication is key between these two signs to help them understand and mitigate these differences. Overall, this relationship often has a perfect blend of comfort and excitement

9. Leo & Taurus

A passionate yet potentially challenging match, these two signs create unique relationships filled with flamboyance and practicality. They find common ground in their steadfastness, but it can also be challenging if they fail to compromise. Also, Leo’s desire for recognition can cause issues with Taurus’ practical and grounded nature.

However, when they overcome these challenges by learning to work together and understanding each other’s unique needs, they can create a strong and loyal bond.

10. Aries & Taurus

Fire meets Earth in this interesting match between Aries signs and Taurus. Aries’ energetic nature may clash with Taurus’ practical approach to life. However, Taurus and Aries compatibility excels when they share a mutual determination to achieve something.

The key to making this relationship work is ensuring that both partners appreciate the other’s differences. They should approach the relationship with patience and understanding. When they do this, the relationship will have a blend of stability and enthusiasm.

11. Sagittarius & Taurus

A very uncommon pairing due to their conflicting natures. A Sagittarius craves freedom and adventure, while by now, you already know that Taurus needs stability and routine. This high contrast between these two can create tension resulting in regular conflict.

However, when they respect each other’s unique perspectives, it can lead to the right balance and allow for regular mutual growth. Even though it is a challenging combination, the relationship can become a symbiosis where adventure meets stability. We know from our post about dating a Taurus man that they can become controlling and manipulative when dating the wrong sign!

12. Gemini & Taurus

The Gemini and Taurus compatibility is one that faces many challenges because of their differing priorities and pace. Geminis live for social interaction and change, whereas Taurus loves peace and routine.

If they can manage to navigate through these differences, it can create a dynamic yet stable relationship.

Taurus Compatibility Chart

A compatibility chart visually illustrates a comparison between the astrological signs of two individuals with the goal of determining their potential compatibility. In this case, we compare the Taurus with the other 11 signs of the zodiac to determine compatibility, harmony, and relationship dynamics. Below you can find a detailed and accurate Taurus compatibility chart with the other 11 zodiac signs.

What Sign Is The Most Compatible With Taurus?

A Taurus is most compatible with another Taurus. Other great pairings with Taurus are Scorpio and Capricorn.

How To Make A Taurus Happy In A Relationship?

By now, you already know that a Taurus appreciates stability and expressions of love in a relationship. Therefore, they are at their happiest when you make them feel secure and appreciated. A great way to do this is by gifting them with things they like – remember, they enjoy the finer things in life! Another option is showing love through gestures of comfort – it really means a lot to them.

In the long run, maintaining consistency is key to making a Taurus happy. Two ways you can do this is by maintaining routines and traditions. Overall, a Taurus always values honesty, reliability, stability, and open communication.

What Sign Is The Least Compatible With A Taurus?

Typically, the Taurus zodiac sign finds it challenging to change and constantly seeks adventure, so naturally, Sagittarius and Gemini will be difficult partners for them. The Sagittarius is a fire sign that values freedom and adventure – contrasting with Taurus’ need for routine.

Gemini, an air sign, wants constant social interaction and often craves changes, which conflicts with Taurus’s preference for tranquility and routine.

What Does A Taurus Hate Most In A Relationship?

Taurus despises change, unpredictability, and inconsistency in a relationship. They also hate dishonesty in a relationship and if someone is disloyal. Remember, a Taurus values trust, reliability and steadfastness in a relationship – anything that contradicts these three qualities is a major red flag for them.

Taurus Personality Traits Explained

Here is a list of the most common personality traits of a Taurus zodiac sign.

  • Comfort loving: Taureans love their comfort and stability – thriving in environments that are cozy and feel like home. They take great pleasure in routine and tradition, and change can be very unsettling for them.
  • Loyal and Reliable: A Taurus has the highest regard for loyalty, so when they form a bond or commitment, they are typically loyal to the end. It is important to know that they expect the same loyalty in return, and any form of betrayal can result in deep emotional pain.
  • Sensual: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Therefore, Taurus individuals appreciate beauty and sensuality. They enjoy art, music, and especially good food. This level of luxury help motivates them to work hard to ensure that they can afford the finer things in life.
  • Practical: Taurus is very practical and grounded. They tend to create concrete plans that yield tangible results over abstract ideas. Despite their love for luxury, they are predominantly financially savvy and are good at managing money.
  • Stubborn: The Taurus is symbolized by the bull – a steadfast yet stubborn animal. Once a Taurus makes up their mind, then good luck changing their mind or persuading them otherwise. This is a great strength in terms of their work because it helps them achieve their goals. However, in a relationship, it is a weakness as their failure to compromise often leads to conflict.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of person is friends with a Taurus?

Someone who typically values loyalty and trustworthiness in a friend. Also, someone who enjoys art, music, good food and other finer things in life.

What hobbies does a Taurus have?

A Taurus enjoys hobbies that engage the senses, such as gardening, cooking, music, and arts and crafts,

What is a Taurus biggest personality flaw?

A Taurus’ biggest personality flaw is their stubbornness. This makes it difficult for them to compromise or change their minds, often leading to conflict between them and the other person.

The Bottom Line

The Taurus is a very unique zodiac sign that appreciates a grounded life filled with routine, luxury, and practicality. Generally, they are compatible with most of the other zodiac signs as long as the Taurus learns to compromise on their stubbornness. But they are most compatible with other Taurus as well as Scorpios and Capricorns.

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