Cancer Compatibility Explained: Love, Friendships & More

A Cancer is an individual born between the dates of June 21st to July 22nd. They are well known for their emotional depth, intuition, and nurturing nature. Cancer signs are ruled by the moon and tend to form very strong emotional connections with friends & partners.

When it comes to compatibility in love and relationships, A Cancer finds harmony with certain signs that resonate with their emotional nature. This is why Water Signs, like Pisces, are most likely to become a Cancer’s soulmate!

In this post, we’ll dive deep into the topic of Cancer compatibility & show what it takes to make them happy in a relationship or friendship. Understanding a Cancer’s personality traits is key to finding their best match!

What Is A Cancer?

The Cancer zodiac sign is the fourth of twelve astrological signs. This sign is represented by the crab & is reserved for people born between the timeframe of June 21st to July 22nd.

In Greek mythology, the origin of the Cancer zodiac sign is connected to the well-known story of Hercules. As the legend goes, Hercules had to undertake twelve different labors as penance for killing his family. His most challenging labor was a fight with the multi-headed Hydra. The Hydra sent a crab to distract Hercules, but it was crushed with his foot. As a reward, the crab’s image was placed amongst stars as the constellation Cancer.

Cancers also have their own unique set of personality traits. A Cancer’s personality is embodied by their nurturing and caring nature. They are highly emotional people that form strong bonds with their friends, family, and romantic partners.

These common personality traits makes a Cancer a perfect match with some zodiac Horoscope signs & poor matches with others. In the sections to come we will break down the compatibility of each sign with a Cancer.

Cancer Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

A Cancer is most compatible with the following 3 zodiac signs.

  1. Pisces
  2. Taurus
  3. Scorpio

In the sections to come, we will dive deeper into why each individual zodiac sign may be a great or poor match for a Cancer.

Cancer zodiac sign compatibility

Pisces & Cancer Compatibility

Pisces & Cancers are highly compatible and make great partners. These signs share a similar world view & are in-touch with the emotional needs of their partner. They form a harmonious and intuitive bond based on empathy and understanding. A Cancer is too emotional for many other signs, but they work perfectly with the average Pisces astrological sign.

Taurus & Cancer Compatibility

A Taurus and Cancer’s shared values of loyalty, stability, and affection create a strong foundation for a nurturing and enduring partnership. A Taurus knows how to treat a cancer woman in a relationship. These signs mesh well for meaningful romantic relationships & friendships. In fact, a Taurus is most likely to become best friends with a Cancer!

Scorpio & Cancer Compatibility

A Scorpio and Cancer are very compatible. They often form a strong physical & emotional attraction. Simply put, these signs get each other that creates a passionate and transformative relationship.

Virgo & Cancer Compatibility

A Virgo and Cancer’s complementary personality traits of nurturing and practicality create a supportive partnership based on trust. We know that a Virgo Horoscope sign values trust & dependability among all else in a relationship. Together, these signs can form a power couple ready to take on the world.

When a Cancer connects with a Virgo women in love sparks can fly. The right Virgo and Cancer can form a true power couple!

Capricorn & Cancer Compatibility

A Capricorn and Cancer are known to balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to form a grounded and committed relationship built on shared ambitions and emotional security. These signs share very similar communication styles which is a major key to making any romantic relationship work.

Cancer & Cancer Compatibility

Two Cancers can make great partners because they understand each other’s emotional needs. These signs share a deep bond of empathy & always put their partner first. However, Cancers can be overly emotional & can butt heads from time to time.

Gemini & Cancer Compatibility

A Gemini & Cancer are not the most compatible match. These two signs have different approaches to emotions that can lead to differences in world views. Gemini signs are playful & fun loving people, but they place a higher value on intellectual compatibility than emotional depths. This can be an issue when it comes to forming a strong & long lasting relationship.

Sagittarius & Cancer Compatibility

A Sagittarius & Cancer can work together…but it is not common. These signs have contrasting personalities that do not always work well together. It is true that opposites can attract. But a Sagittarius normally does not provide the emotional support and stability a Cancer needs.

Libra & Cancer Compatibility

A Libran & Cancer are more likely to become romantically involved with each other than to become friends. In some situations the personality traits of a Libra and Cancer balance each other’s energies. However, they often have different social interests & life goals that can cause tension in a relationship.

Aries & Cancer Compatibility

A Cancer and Aries do not make a great match. The straightforward & blunt communication style of an Aries can be too much for a Cancer to handle. These signs have different social, sexual, and emotional needs that can strain a relationship.

Leo & Cancer Compatibility

A Leo & Cancer rate low on the compatibility scale. These signs often have much different personality traits that can cause unfixable issues in a relationship. Although it is not impossible, these two signs are often too different to make a harmonious match.

Aquarius & Cancer Compatibility

A Cancer is least compatible with Aquarius signs. Even in the early stages of dating a cancer man these signs can clash on a emotional level. An Aquarius’s dominant & aggressive approach to communication and life can cause major disagreements with a Cancer. These signs are normally not on the same page & operate on different emotional waves. There differences can make it difficult to form long lasting relationships.

Cancer Compatibility Chart

The chart below ranks the compatibility of a Cancer with each zodiac sign. This chart takes into account several factors such as personality traits, love interest, sex preferences, and much more! The zodiac signs shown in this table are ranked from most to least compatible.

Cancer compatibility chart

Which Sign Is A Cancer Least Compatible With?

Aquarius is the least compatible sign with a Cancer. Although they are neighboring signs in the zodiac, these signs have very different personalities. The average Aquarius attitude and approach to life is very different than a Cancer.

These signs greatly differ in their approach to social situations and communication styles. An Aquarius is often the life of the party. While a Cancer prefers more personal & intimate relationships. Not all zodiac signs will be compatible & Cancers usually do not mesh well with air signs.

What Is The Biggest Cause Of Tension In A Cancers Relationship?

The biggest cause of tension in a Cancers relationship is differences in emotional processing & expressions. Cancers are very emotional people that value nurturing and intimate connections in relationships.

However, an Aquarius tends to be more detached emotionally. They place a higher value on their independence and intellectual stimulation. This difference can cause a real discontent & point of tension in a relationship.

Who Is A Cancer Best Friends With?

Cancer Friendship compatibility

A Cancer is most likely to become best friends with a Taurus. These two signs are likely to build long lasting relationships because of trust & loyalty. Once these signs have formed a bond they have a friend for life! Here are some activities a Cancer & Taurus might do together.

  • Cooking a fancy dinner
  • Enjoying cozy movie nights on the couch
  • Exploring nature with an outdoor hike

What Does A Cancer Value Most In A Friend?

A Cancer values their emotional connection with their friends amongst all other traits. Cancers are highly empathetic individuals who possess a natural ability to understand and relate to the emotions of others. A Cancer wants to share their life with friends that have emotional depth & view life in a similar way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bothers a Cancer most in a relationship?

A Cancer is most bothered when their partner does not respect their emotional depth. They are often extremely sensitive people that do no appreciate an overly blunt communication style.

What is the love language of a Cancer

Physical touch is the love language of a Cancer. Cardinal signs, like Cancer, love when their partner demonstrates their love by holding hands, hugging, cuddling & other forms of physical touch!

Do Cancers make friends easily?

A Cancer does make friends easily because of their very caring & friendly nature. People are attracted to their natural kindness.

The Bottom Line

By now you should have a firm understanding of a Cancer’s compatibility with each sign of the zodiac. A Cancer is most compatible with a Pisces and other signs that value their emotional depth. However, the emotional nature of a Cancer makes them less compatible with more blunt & aggressive communicators like Leo & Aquarius signs. If you a Cancer looking for your best possible match, consider using our own Dating App to find your ideal partner based on astrology.