What Is It Like Dating A Cancer Woman? (Dating Guide)

Cancer women are those of us born between the dates of June 22nd through July 22nd. These women are known to have a nurturing and intuitive nature. Cancer women are known to have emotional depth and compassionate nature.

If you’ve dated a Cancer woman, then you know they often prioritize emotional connections & work hard to create intimacy in their relationships. When in a relationship, Cancer women go above and beyond to make sure their partner feels loved.

In this post, we’ll explore what it is like to date a Cancer woman on a deeper level!

What Is It Like To Date A Cancer Woman?

Dating a Cancer woman can be a very rewarding journey filled with warmth, emotional depth, and unconditional love. Cancer females approach their relationships with great care and do not take their partner for granted. If you’re the right one, she will invest her heart and soul into building a lasting connection.

However, if you want a Cancer girlfriend you should be ready to deal with their emotions (good & bad). This water sign has emotions that may even change on a daily basis! For some partners, this may be too much to handle. This is why Cancer gals have a lower compatibility with Aries signs that don’t deal well with emotional partners.

All things aside, when a Cancer woman loves you there is nothing better! Her love and devotion make dating a Cancer woman a truly rewarding experience.

Date a Cancer woman

How To Tell If A Cancer Woman Loves You Back?

If a Cancer woman loves you it will be shown in their actions and words. In most cases, she will openly share her feelings with you. This includes her emotions and vulnerabilities! Unlike the other 12 zodiac signs, Cancer women wear their emotions on their sleeve.

A Cancer woman in love will make efforts to spend time with their partner & offer different types of nurturing gestures. She might cook favorite meal, want to cuddle on the couch, or lend a hand when you’re sick.

What Are Cancer Women Like In The Beginning Of A Relationship?

Cancer women are often shy and reserved in the beginning of a new relationship. Don’t worry, this is totally normal! It takes time for her to feel comfortable enough to open up and share her deepest feelings.

Even if the relationship is just getting started, a Cancer woman will subtly mention your future together if she really loves you! They might mention starting a family, moving in together, or family vacations. Don’t panic is she starts to mention these things, as it just means she feels a deep connection with you!

What Are Cancer Women Like In Long Term Relationships?

You can expect a Cancer woman to demonstrate her caring nature & unwavering loyalty in a long term relationship. They go the extra mile to take care of their partner and create a safe, cherishing, and supportive home environment.

A Cancer woman’s bond only gets stronger with their partner over time. They will stick with their loved ones through thick and thin to conquer all of life’s challenges.

What Are The Best Ways To Attract A Cancer Woman?

Attracting Cancer Women

The best ways to attract a Cancer woman is to show interest in her family, be an excellent listener, and show your sensitive side.

Most cancer women have a strong attachment family & want someone with similar family values. Show interest in hearing about her family, even if you’re not ready to meet them!

Cancer women don’t want someone that makes no eye contact & doesn’t remember anything they’re told. Focus on being a good lister if you want to attract a Cancer lady. Listening is easy to do and she’ll really appreciate your efforts!

What Traits Does A Cancer Woman Look For In A Partner?

A Cancer woman loves to see emotional depth, empathy, loyalty, and a sense of humor in their partners. They themselves are very emotional beings, so they need a partner that understands them on a deeper level.

They also put a high value on loyalty. Cancer women long for a partner who is faithful, reliable, and committed to the relationship. They appreciate someone who stands by their side through the highs and lows and prioritizes the security and longevity of the partnership.

Having a sense of humor can also make a partner much more attractive to a Cancer woman. Be sure to show your sense of humor & playfulness on a first date with a Cancer!

What Are The Biggest Turn-Offs For A Cancer Woman In A Relationship?

The biggest turn-off for a Cancer woman is a partner that takes everything too seriously and has no sense of humor. It is not that Cancer’s are looking for a childish partner that does not have goals in life. But they certainly won’t for a deep emotional connection with someone that doesn’t bring joy and playfulness into their lives.

Do Cancer Women Tend To Argue In Relationships?

Cancer female arguing

Cancer women are known to cause fiery and passionate arguments in their relationships. They are sensitive girls that tend to wear their emotions on their sleeve. With a Cancer girlfriend, even small perceived slights or misunderstandings can sometimes lead to heightened emotional reactions & arguments.

Cancer women don’t normally go out of their way to start fights…but they certainly don’t back down from them either!

How Can You Tell When A Cancer Woman Is Mad?

You can tell when a Cancer woman is mad at you when her normal nurturing and caring nature cools off. Maybe she doesn’t offer to cook dinner or grab you a snack the way she normally would.

Cancer women may even show their anger by becoming distant or withdraw emotionally. You can expect some passive-aggressive behavior, like giving sarcastic responses or subtle hints of displeasure.

Which Zodiac Sign Are Cancer Women Most Compatible With?

Cancer women are least compatible with Pisces partners. They seem to mesh perfectly with the average Pisces personality traits. Pisces & Cancerian woman just get each other. They bond on a deep emotional level & have a mutual appreciate for each other’s feelings.

Which Sign Are Cancer Women Least Compatible With?

A Cancer female is least compatible with Aquarius signs. The average Aquarius tends to be more independent & unconventional. Their natural detached nature is just not compatible with emotional Cancer women. We these signs match up, get ready for fiery arguments & fights!

Main Personality Traits Of A Cancer Woman

Cancer women most commonly embody this list of personality traits. Each of these common Cancer personality traits can be seen in their relationships.

  • Emotional
  • Nurturing
  • Intuitive

Their natural empathy and compassion make them great listeners and very supportive partners. You can tell a Cancer lady just about anything and she will be there to support you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of first date would a Cancer woman enjoy?

A Cancer woman would love a romantic first date with a scenic view. Consider taking her to a local park and making her favorite meal.

How can you tell if a Cancer women is pulling away?

You can tell when a Cancer woman is pulling away when they start to become emotionally distant. They won’t be as interested in your daily life & don’t show the same love and affection you’re accustomed to.

What kind of secrets does a Cancer woman have?

Cancer women tend to keep secrets about their family that they don’t want coming out. Also, they often have ambitious dreams that they may keep secret until they feel confident enough to share.

The Bottom Line

By now you should know exactly what to expect when dating a Cancer woman. They are often very emotionally expressive ladies that form deep bonds with partners and close friends. Stay on their good side, and having a Cancer girlfriend will be the best thing that ever happened to you! If you’re looking to find you specific Cancer compatibility, consider using our Dating Astrology App to find your perfect match.