Aries Compatibility: Love, Friendship & Trust!

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac. This fire sign is best known for its relentless determination & cheerful disposition.

It goes without saying that not all the zodiac signs are compatible. Some signs work well together and complement each other’s personalities. While others do not!

In this article, we’ll explain which zodiac signs are compatible with Aries for a relationship or friendship. The answers might surprise you!

Which Zodiac Signs Are Aries Compatible With?

Aries Compatibility

Astrological compatibility can be a complex topic. However, there are ageless principles & experiences that teach us Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo signs are the most compatible signs of the zodiac with an Aries.

  • Gemini & Aries: Both are energetic & have a love for adventure. Gemini’s personality & flexibility complements Aries’ confidence. This helps to create a vibrant, adventurous, and intellectually stimulating relationship.
  • Sagittarius & Aries: Both of these signs are known for thier adventurous and enthusiastic spirit. Together, they are likely tons of experiences & activities together, such as traveling, outdoor adventures, and more!
  • Leo & Aries: These two signs are known for being strong-willed and confident people. They make a great match as they both share a mutual respect for each other’s ambition & leadership qualities. Together, these signs will go on to achieve their dreams & enjoy a vibrant social life together.

Remember, we all have our own unique pasts & life experiences. Compatibility is a personal topic & there are many exceptions to general zodiac compatibility rules!

What Is The Best Match For An Aries Man?

Male aries compatibility

The typical Aries male personality is someone who is confident, ambitious, & energetic! Like other cardinal signs, they know what they want & are not afraid to pursue their dreams.

So, who is the best match for an Aries man?

Based on data from our very own dating app we know that an Aries man is most compatible with with a Sagittarius. Together, Sagittarius & Aries will live a loving and adventurous life!

The direct & honest nature of an Aries man may be too much for some women. However, a Sagittarius appreciates their straight forward personality & they communicate well together.

What Is The Best Match For An Aries Woman?

If you know an Aries woman, then you know they are very confident, independent, and charismatic people. Their unique set of personality traits makes Aries women most compatible with Leo astrology signs.

It is no secret that Aries are most compatible with their fellow fire signs. They speak the same language and have a mutual respect for their own independence. Their passion for love, business & life itself makes them highly compatible! Leos are great for dating Aries men & women!

It goes without saying that the experiences of individual Aries women will vary. But their common traits makes them agree on life values & develop a shared vision of the future.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Aries Not Compatible With?

Not all zodiac signs are compatible. Each sign has their own personal values and traits to gives us insights into their idea partner. In the sections below, we will cover the signs that are not compatible and will not be in a relationship with an Aries signs.

You also need to understand the importance of planets (i.e. Mars) when determining compatibility. You should know how your Mars compatibility determines your ideal partner!

Worst Match For An Aries Man

The worst match for an Aries man is a Taurus sign. A Taurus & Aries zodiac sign have very contrasting personality traits and approaches to life itself. Here are some of the reasons why these signs are NOT compatible.

  • Different Temperaments – The high energy & ambitious personality of an Aries can be too much for a Taurus to handle!
  • Communication Styles – These signs have very different communication styles. Aries are very straightforward & can be offensive to a more emotional Taurus.
  • Personal Independence – One of the biggest Aries weaknesses is that they love their partner but greatly value their personal independence.

Worst Match For An Aries Woman

The worst match for an Aries woman is the zodiac sign Cancer. To put things simply, these signs do NOT mesh & are destined run into conflict. Here are some of the main reasons Cancer & Aries are not compatible.

  1. Emotional Expression – Aries women tend to be direct and straightforward when it comes to expressing how they feel. This can cause them to clash with a Cancer sign.
  2. Communication Styles – An Aries woman is going to speak her mind in a clear in direct way. You will know exactly what they’re thinking (good or bad)!
  3. Different Priorities & Values – They have different priorates in life. An Aries is more driven by accomplishments & Cancer is driven by emotional connections!

Not all signs are built for dating an Aries woman. The wrong zodiac match is destined to butt heads & have a contentious relationship.

Who Is An Aries Best Friends With?

An Aries is most likely to become best friends with a Gemini. These signs often develop strong & dynamic friendships.

From an intellectual level, these signs compliment each other quire well. They are always talking about new topics & learning together.

Together, Aries & Gemini signs have a wide social circle of friends! They both love being the life of a party & thrive together in social environments.

Aries Friendship Compatibility Chart

The image below is an Aries compatibility chart. Use this chart to find out which sign you are most compatible with!

Aries friendship compatibility chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good soulmate for Aries?

Aries most compatible signs are Sagittarius, Gemini & Leo. Aries & Gemini are the most compatible on an emotional & sexual level.

Who should Aries avoid dating?

An Aries should probably avoid dating a Pisces or Cancer sign. Cancer & Aries are very different and often get into arguments. The straightforward manner of an Aries can be very offensive to a Cancer or Pisces.

What is an Aries man weakness in love?

Aries men struggle to deal with overly emotional partners. They have a very direct style of communication & do not do well with emotional & manipulative partners.

Are Aries controlling in relationships?

Aries are natural born leaders in their careers. Sometimes, they bring this attitude home with them to their relationships. They can become controlling and domineering in their relationships & are not afraid to say what they want.

The Bottom Line

By now you should have a great understanding of how compatible is with other zodiac signs. As you can tell, there is a whole lot more that goes into your compatibility score than just a sun sign! The following are the most compatible signs with an Aries.

  • Gemini & Aries
  • Aries & Sagittarius
  • Leo & Aries

In reality, compatibility is not a perfect science. But each sign has its own unique set of personality traits that allows them to connect with other signs in all phases of life. If you’re looking for your own compatible partner, download our Stars Align Astrology Dating App to find your match!