Stars Align is an astrology dating app tailored for the modern romantic. The app comes packed with powerful  astrology features, natal charts, horoscopes and zodiac dating. Join thousands of users around the world and enjoy accurate zodiac compatibility and synastry matching technology designed to connect you with like-minded souls on a deeply personal and cosmic level. 

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Stars Align app captures your astrology profile and compares it to thousands of users in real time! A sophisticated patent-pending astrology algorithm  combines synastry factors, zodiac sign data, positions of the planets and stars at the time of birth between you and your potential date!

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Is There A Dating Site Based on Astrology?

Our very own Stars Align dating app harnesses the wisdom and insights from astrology to make meaningful connections for our uses! Our horoscope dating app utilizes information from your own natal chart to find your ideal match.

What Makes Stars Align The #1 Astrology Dating Site?

Our mission statement & love for our users is what makes Stars Align the best dating app based on astrology! It is our mission to become the premier zodiac dating site & create long lasting partnerships & meaningful connections for all our users.

How Do Compatibility Scores Work?

Astrology dating compatibility scores are based on timeless principles of astrology. Our Stars Align astrology dating site matches users based on the positioning of celestial bodies at the time of our users birth. This is because your specific birth chart can influence personality, traits, and other characteristics! Our compatibility scores work by analyzing the astrological compatibility between the two birth charts based on factors such as the zodiac sign, planetary positions, and other aspects!

Does Astrology Actually Matter In Relationships?

Absolutely! Astrology is often used as a tool to help connect people in relationships because it is known that the alignment of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth can influence a persons personality traits and life path. Our Stars Align zodiac dating app is powered by a compatibility algorithm that helps create long lasting matches based on this astrological data!

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Stars Align has the tools and features to help you connect with like-minded people. Whether you’re seeking the perfect partner or nurturing existing connections, Stars Align provides a safe, insightful, and enchanting space to explore your heart’s desires. Unfold your love story with the guidance of the stars – download Stars Align today and let the cosmic dance of love begin!

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Looking to meet new people who share your astrological sign and interests? Look no further than Stars Align, the #1 astrology mobile dating app for Android and iPhone. With our cutting-edge technology and astrological matching algorithms, we can help you find your perfect match based on your unique birth chart and personality traits.