Get butterflies.

Stars Align is designed to guide you on the journey of creating meaningful relationships.

Show up authentically and feel accepted. 

We’re on a mission to help people form deeper connections more quickly.

Our ideal realtionship?

Picture yourself going on a journey basking in the moment with a someone who truly sees you.

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Imagine forming a connection based on honesty and mutual understanding.

With Stars Align it's not just about meeting new people, but also becoming a better partner.

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A weekly love and astrology podcast that explores all aspects of dating, sex, and relationships from a cosmic point of view.

  • Trust & Safety

    Stars Align strives to keep our app a secure platform for opening up. We place an emphasis on empathy, and don’t tolerate bs.

  • Real-Talk Readings

    Compatibility storytelling that emphasizes your potential, explores your connection and is also honest about challenges ahead. 

  • Anti Swipe Left

    Because people are more than profiles. We’ve designed an easy to read feed that combines shared characteristics with chart configurations.