Meet your person

Stars Align is the a compatibility-centric dating app. Meet people and grow relationships grounded in real insights. 


Effortless profile creation, assisted by astrology

Writing your dating profile is tedious – we get it. That's why we offer a first draft of your bio based on your astrological chart, helping you connect with your authentic self and express it effortlessly. Finish the rest of your profile at your own time in settings.


Discover Compatibility Before Connecting

No “swipe left” culture here – we value inclusion, so you can see potential connections by scrolling and coming back to anyone that is on your mind later on.

And, see how compatible you really are and understand how your core identities might mesh before you decide to shoot your shot. Maybe they’re a potential business partner instead of a date!


Feel Seen With An Unparalleled Compatibility Reading

Learn more about your new connection by getting to know them through conversation – the more you chat, the more of your compatibility reading you unlock over time.

Discover unparalleled depth in your connections with our comprehensive astrological compatibility analysis, offering profound insights into shared interests and potential.