Community Guidelines

Stars Align is a free astrology dating app and is meant to find the best zodiac love compatibility, encourage mindful and respectful interactions and eventual deep connections.

Astrology dating rules to remember:

  • Be respectful regardless of your zodiac sign – everyone has their own journey.
  • Be mindful – stay in the present.
  • Be compassionate – see and feel from another point of view, this can help with your potential matches.
  • Be intentional – don’t play around, this will increase the zodiac compatibility potential.
  • Be in flow – we are all connected, astrology, love and cosmos.

Guidelines to make the best of your astrology math experience

  • Don’t create fake profiles. You can only create your personal profile, using your own information and pictures.
  • Don’t ever ask for money. We understand life can get difficult, and many of us face consistent challenges, but no matter at what stage of life you are in DO NOT ever ask other users for money or donations.
  • Don’t not use Stars Align platform for solicitation or spam. Spam accounts will be blocked and removed from the App.
  • Don’t harass or intimidate other users. Don’t send offensive messages.
  • Respect boundaries of other users. Don’t force any communication if the person is not interested to continue. Nothing should be forced.
  • Don’t use the app if you are under the age of 18 (eighteen).