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Taurus Personality Traits & Dates - Zodiac Sign Explained!

The zodiac sign of Taurus is reserved for those born between the dates of April 20th - May 20th. Generally speaking, they are known for their grounded and practical nature, as well as their deep appreciation for beauty and comfort.

But what exactly is a Taurus & what are their personality traits? In this post, we'll harness astrology to explore the strengths & weaknesses of the Taurus personality. Read on to discover the secrets of the bull.

SYMBOL The bull
DATES April 20 – May 20

Origin Of The Taurus Zodiac Sign

The Taurus zodiac sign is one of the 12 astrological signs that are part of the Western zodiac system: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces.

It is believed that this sign originated in ancient Babylonian times and was later adopted by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

  • Symbolized by the bull
  • Constellation between Aries and Gemini
  • Linked to the Greek god Zeus

The Taurus sign is represented by the bull. This Taurus symbolism is thought to date back to ancient Greece. More specifically, it is thought that the mythical Greek god Zeus took the form of a bull in order to abduct the beautiful Europa.

Today, Taurus is still symbolized by the bull, and people born under this sign are known to exhibit many of the traits of this powerful and determined animal.

Main Taurus Personality Traits

Here is a list of the main personality traits of a Taurus.

  • Stubborn & Sensual
  • Pleasure -Seekers
  • Very Patient
  • Reliable & Loyal

#1) Stubborn & Sensual

People born during Taurus season are often sensual & stubborn people. This may sound like a negative to some people, however, it gives them the determination and perseverance they need to achieve lofty goals!

  • Once a Taurus sets their mind to something, good luck swaying them in another direction!

Although they can be stubborn people like an Aquarius sign, Taureans are also deeply sensual beings. They appreciate the finer things in life & never turn down a 5-star resort. Taureans have a real appreciation for art, music, & material possessions.

#2) Pleasure -Seekers

It is true that people born under the Taurus zodiac sign are known for their love of pleasure and enjoyment. If you know a Taurus, then you know they are unlikely to turn down any of the following activities:

  • Delicious meal
  • Luxurious spa treatment
  • Beautiful piece of art

Taureans are also known for their love of physical touch and are highly intimate people. While their love of pleasure gives beauty and meaning to their lives...it can also lead to a life of excess if they are not careful!

#3) Very Patient

Patience is a virtue!

If you know a Taurus then you know they are amongst the most patient people. They have an innate ability to persevere through difficult times & maintain composure.

Having the practicality and ability to take a long-term view of things can take you a long way in life. Taureans have a refreshingly measured & patient approach to life!

#4) Reliable & Loyal

There is nothing a Taurus would not do for a loved one or friend. This is because they are fiercely loyal & reliable people to those they truly care about.

You can't teach loyalty! I'm sure many of you have been betrayed by people very close to you. If you have then you know how painful that can be. Taureans & other fixed signs are known for their strong sense of responsibility and commitment. Capricorn signs are also known for their strong sense of loyalty. Once they make a promise, their word can be trusted.

#5) Down-To-Earth & Humble

In today's world, many people have become consumed with gloating & showing off. Social media has made it common to show off your latest car or vacation.

People born under the Taurus sign are known for their humility and down-to-earth nature. Their grounded & practical approach to life makes them truly enjoyable to be around.

Worst Taurus Traits

Here is a list of the most common bad personality traits for a Taurus.

  • Stubborn
  • Excessively Careful
  • Overly Possessive

#1) Too Stubborn

As we already mentioned, Taureans are very determined people who have a clear sense of what they want. It almost impossible to sway a Taurus from their goal. While this can be a positive trait in some situations, it is easy to become too stubborn. We know from our post about how to date a Taurus man that they are patient and reliable partners. But they can also be very stubborn!

Their stubbornness can sometimes cause problems in a variety of ways.

  • Romantic relationships
  • Friendships
  • Workplace Relations

Warning: A Taurus may be resistant to change or new ideas, and can quickly become set in their ways.

#2) Excessively Careful

There are some mistakes in life that are hard to come back from. However, living an overly conservative life can limit your enjoyment & experiences! This is very common to see when dating a Taurus female.

People born under the Taurus sign are careful and cautious individuals. This can lead to over-caution and missed opportunities.

  • Not trying new things
  • Missing once in a lifetime opportunities
  • Not leaving their comfort zone

Life is too short to not take any risks! In some instances, Taureans can be overly careful to a fault.

#3) Overly Possessive

While people born under the Taurus sign are very loyal, they can sometimes become overly possessive. This can lead to tension and jealousy in a friendship or romantic relationship.

Just like Scorpio horoscope signs, Taureans may have difficulty letting go of things or people they feel a strong connection to. Oftentimes, this can lead to feelings of mistrust or resentment from their loved ones. Trust is very important in a relationship. People need to feel safe & loved...but they are not objects to be owned!

Taurus Element: Earth Sign Explained


In astrology, the Earth signs are one of the four astrological elements.

  • Fire Signs
  • Water Signs
  • Air Signs
  • Earth signs

Taurus is an Earth sign along with the Virgo signs and Capricorn signs. Just like the name suggests, Earth signs are strongly linked with the Earth. People born under Earth signs have similar personality traits.

  • Practical
  • Reliable
  • Grounded individuals

Generally speaking, they tend to be very focused on the tangible world and have a deep appreciation for material comforts and possessions. Often, they can become too focused and obsessed with these material possessions. In most situations, Earth signs are very practical & reliable people that also have an appreciation for the finer things in life!

Taurus Compatibility Explained

If you were born under the Taurus sign, chances are you want to know who you're most compatible with. Let's take a closer look at the other Zodiac signs that Taurus are compatible with!

  • Taurus: When two Taureans come together, they can form a strong, stable partnership based on mutual respect, loyalty, and shared values.
  • Cancer: Cancer signs and Taurus signs are both homebodies that love the comforts of home and family. Together, they can provide emotional support for one another and build a nurturing, loving relationship.
  • Virgo: Virgos are practical and detail-oriented. Unlike other signs, they can appreciate Taurean's love for material possessions. Together, they can accomplish their goals and build a loving partnership.
  • Scorpio: Although Scorpio and Taurus can be very different, they tend to complement each other well. A Scorpio can provide emotional support to balance out a Taurus's practicality.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns and Taureans are both hardworking people who value stability and security. Together, they can build a respectful & strong relationship.

There are always going to be many factors that impact the compatibility between two people, such as the love language of the Taurus. However, there are timeless principles in astrology that can help build deep-rooted relationships!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Taurus known for?

Generally speaking, Taurus are known to be generous, loyal, & humble people. However, they are a fixed sign and can be stubborn at times.

Who is Taurus weakness?

Like the other two Earth signs, a Taurus can become selfish if they are not self-aware. This does not mean that all Taurus are selfish. But if they are not aware of their actions, they can become self absorbed.

What is Taurus personality in love?

A Taurus sign is often very loving and affectionate. They seem to thrive off their relationships and friendships.

What makes a Taurus happy?

A Taurus is only truly happy when they are loved. They place a tremendous value on their friendships and relationships.

What do Taurus struggle with?

We know that Taurus are a fixed Earth sign that works hard to get what they want. However, they often struggle with being self-absorbed. It is easy for a Taurus to appear selfish if they are not careful.

The Bottom Line

The Taurus zodiac sign is known for its practicality, reliability, and groundedness. They are fiercely loyal people that will do just about anything for their loved ones. No matter if you're a Taurus looking for a compatible partner or have a love for astrology, our post should have provided some valuable insights.

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