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Dating A Pisces Man: What's It Like & Signs He Loves You

Pisces signs are the 12th sign of the zodiac. In terms of personality, most Pisces men can be characterized by their loyal, empathetic, and deeply compassionate nature.

When you date a Pisces man you get to experience all of these traits & more! When he falls in love you'll find him to become profoundly romantic and emotionally supportive. In this post, we'll explore what Pisces men are really like in love. This includes new, long term & even long distance relationships!

We'll also give you some great tips on how to date a Pisces guy & how to identify the signs that he's into you. A

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What Is It Like Dating A Pisces Man?

Dating a Pisces man can be a truly unique and enchanting experience for the right match. Pisces men are known for their creative and imaginative nature. They are no stranger to adventure and will often take their partners on spontaneous and fun trip.

Pisces guys also tend to possess a deep sense of empathy in their relationships. Their empathy allows them to connect with their partners on a profound emotional level & avoid unnecessary conflict.

Dating a Pisces man also means that you have found a very loyal partner. They tend to be incredibly caring & stick by their partners through life's ups and downs. If you found yourself in a relationship with a Pisces man you're in great hands. He'll do what it takes to make his partner feel cherished from the very beginning of your relationship.

What Are Pisces Guys Like In The Start Of A Relationship?

Pisces guys often come across as incredibly charming and attentive in the start of a new relationship. New relationships can be nerve wracking and intimidating for some. Luckily, Pisces boyfriends have a natural ability to make their partners feel special and cherished.

Below are some actions you might expect from a Pisces man in a new relationship.

  • Spontaneous Trip
  • Love Letters
  • Small & Thoughtful Gifts

You can also expect your Pisces boyfriend to be very upfront & honest in the beginning of a romantic relationship. They are known to be honest and open about their feelings for the future with you!

How Would A Pisces Man Ask You On A First Date?

A Pisces man would invite you to a first date in a very creative way. Popcorn & a movie just isn't their style. If you're waiting for a Pisces male to ask you out, here is what you can expect.

He may slip you a heartfelt handwritten note that expresses his interest for you and his desire to spend some time together. The note will likely suggest a date at a cozy, artistic café. They are not the most boujee of all the zodiac signs, but he'll find a place with great atmosphere. Expect him to ask about your feelings, work, family, amongst other things on the date!

Are Pisces Men Loyal In Long Term Relationships?

Yes, Pisces men are known to be very loyal in long-term relationships. Loyalty is one of the primary personality traits of a Pisces man. Once they form a deep connection with a partner, you can count a Pisces boyfriend to be there with their partner through thick and thin.

Their loyalty stems from their deeply empathetic nature. They tend to be very understanding of their girlfriends and do their best to see things from their perspective. If nothing else, Pisces guys are compassionate, understanding, and loyal to their partner.

Do Pisces Boys Prefer Long Term Relationships?

Pisces boys tend to prefer long term relationships over one-night stands & summertime flings. However, Pisces can vary greatly just like people from any other zodiac sign in terms of relationship preferences. Most Pisces boys gravitate towards the stability and emotional depth of long-term commitments. They often see short term relationships as a waste of their time and emotional energy.

How Do Pisces Guys Act In Long Distance Romantic Relationships?

Pisces guys hold true to their natural sense of commitment and loyalty in long distance relationships. Sometimes even to a fault! We find this emotional water sign tends to end up in long distance text or zoom relationships than any other sign.

Although it is certainly not their first pick, the creative and imaginative nature of Pisces men shines through in long distance relationships. They do their best to find inventive ways to keep the romance alive. Plus, with modern technology (facetime, zoom, etc.) it is easier than ever to feel like you're in the room with someone miles away.

How Can You Tell Pisces Men Love You?

Here are 5 signs a Pisces man loves you and is sexually attracted.

  1. Intense Eye Contact. If he can't seem to take his eyes off you, he's into you.
  2. Physical Touch. Expect him to express his love through his natural love langauge.
  3. Deep Conversations. If he's sexually attracted to you, he'll engage in deep conversations.
  4. Romantic Gestures. This could be a wide range of things like surprise gifts, handwritten notes, or planning intimate dates.
  5. Vulnerability. He'll be willing to share his deepest insecurities and fears.

Although every individual man is different, these are the most common sights that you've won a Pisces man's love. Pay close attention to his overall behavior and listen to your gut about how he makes you feel.

Tips For Dating A Pisces Man

Dating a Pisces man can be a rewarding experience if you understand his unique personality traits. Below are tips to consider when dating a Pisces man:

  • Embrace His Sensitivity. Avoid being too critical or harsh, as he might take it to heart.
  • Nurture His Creativity. Encourage his artistic pursuits (art, passion projects, etc.) to strengthen your bond.
  • Be Patient and Understanding. Pisces men can tend to be indecisive. Avoid pushing him into commitments or you'll drive him away.
  • Create a Romantic Atmosphere. Keep the romance alive & surprise him with thoughtful and romantic gestures (handwritten letters, surprise dates, or small meaningful gifts).
  • Encourage His Spiritual Side. Start deep conversations about spirituality, philosophy, or other serious topics to get him to open up to you.

What Is The Most Compatible Zodiac Sign With Pisces Men?

The most compatible zodiac sign with Pisces men is the zodiac sign Cancer. If you know a Cancer, then you know they are in touch with their emotions & are no stranger to a deep conversation. Both Pisces and Cancer are water signs & share a mutual appreciation of each other's emotions and sensitivities.

We could get in to the complexities of the perfect match, but fellow water signs just get each other. Together they can take on their favorite creative pursuits & take on the adventures life throws their way.

Do Pisces Men Use Astrology Dating Apps?

Pisces men tend to spend a lot of time on astrology dating apps like Stars Align. They can be a bit shy, so options & messaging features on our app provides a sense of confidence.

Our Stars Align dating app take the birth chart, planet placement, and other factors of our users into account before suggesting suitable matches. Single Pisces men love that astrology dating apps provide an additional layer of compatibility matching. If you're trying to slide into a Pisces guy's DMs, consider using one of our 12 astrology pickup lines to break the ice!

Who Should Not Date Pisces Men?

Geminis should avoid dating Pisces men at all costs. They are often considered a challenging match for Pisces men & have fundamental differences on their approach to life. The average Gemini personality tends to be more analytical, logical, and sometimes emotionally detached. Pisces can clash when they date Gemini women because they are on difference pages when it comes to personality and communication styles. Pisces men thrive on deep emotional connections and intimacy, which might be challenging to establish with Gemini women.

How Do Pisces Boys Handle Arguments In A Relationship?

Pisces boys often approach arguments with a calm and empathetic demeanor. Their first instinct will be to avoid conformation or conflict altogether. However, when forced they prefer resolving conflicts through open communication and understanding. No need for tempers to flare and risk saying something you don't truly mean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Date Pisces Men?

Dating Pisces men is easy for the right zodiac match. Their empathetic and romantic nature can make the relationship incredibly fulfilling, but their emotional sensitivity might require patience and understanding.

What's The Biggest Misconception About Dating Pisces Boys?

One of the most significant misconceptions about dating Pisces boys is that their dreamy and sensitive nature makes them weak. Their sensitivity is their strength & it takes confidence to open up emotionally in a relationship.

The Bottom Line

Dating Pisces men can be a very rewarding & enjoyable experience for the right match. To win a Pisces man's heart you'll need to embrace your sensitive side and open up to him on a deep level. Their natural caring and loyal nature makes them a great life long partner!

And if you're looking for a Pisces boyfriend of your own, consider downloading our Stars Align zodiac dating app to make finding your perfect match that much easier.

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