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What Is It Like Dating Aries Men?

Aries, a fire sign and the first sign of the zodiac, has an energetic and very passionate personality. Finding yourself in a relationship with an Aries man is going to be exciting, intimate, and very passionate. In this article, we delve into what it is like dating Aries men, from discussing their personalities in relationships to their best zodiac sign match. By the end of this article, you will know exactly the enticing dynamic dating an Aries man holds.

What Are Aries Men Like In Relationships?

Aries men are known for being fierce in love and loving and for their dynamic personalities, enthusiasm, and desire for action. These individuals are smart, athletic, and have a level of charisma.

Aries men tend to be fierce in love and approach a romantic relationship with passion and intense energy. They are highly competitive and love to take on challenges - they will often have little playful challenges with their significant others. They like to take the initiative, especially when planning dates or making decisions in a relationship. An Aries man is confident and optimistic but can come across as a shy person at the start of a relationship.

An Aries man's communication style revolves around being assertive, open, and straightforward. They perform passionate declarations of love and prefer to communicate their feelings and thoughts directly, and usually expect the same from their partner.

Aries men enjoy active and adventurous activities - they love challenges, sports, and anything to keep their energetic nature engaged. They enjoy spontaneous road trips and game nights. They like to show their affection by giving flowers, coffee in bed, and having intimate and passionate sex.

However, on the negative side, Aries men's drive and assertiveness can sometimes border on being too controlling. They can also be very grumpy and difficult when things aren't going their way. Their impulsive and impatient nature can also be a downside, especially in a relationship where the partner enjoys taking their time. They can also be stubborn, over-competitive, and can lack the ability to compromise.

How Will An Aries Man Ask You On A Date?

As I've already mentioned, an Aries guy has a high degree of assertiveness and is direct and unabashed when it comes to expressing interest. Unlike the other zodiac dating signs, they will ask you on a date in a straightforward and confident manner. He might even throw a bit of flirtation in the mix - expressing his admiration for you, saying that he likes you, and then finally asking you to go out with him.

Alternatively, he might appreciate it if you take the initiative and flirt with him because of their attraction to impulsive and enthusiastic partners.

This fiery sign often enjoys adventurous and active dates that involve some kind of challenge or competition. Here are a few examples of dates an Aries man might take you on:

  • An outdoor adventure, such as bungee jumping or skydiving
  • Playing pool at a local bar
  • Going hiking or mountain climbing
  • Doing something spur of the moment
  • Going on a day trip to the beach or exploring a new neighborhood
  • Sporting events
  • Exclusive events such as a gallery opening, fancy restaurants, or concerts

What Are Aries Men Like In The Beginning Of A Relationship?

Aries men can be a little shy at the start of a relationship, yet they neglect none of their passion and charm. Once they overcome that brief shy period, they are incredibly enthusiastic and energetic. Due to their energetic and passionate nature, they need someone who can hold keep up with them and challenge them.

They approach love as a fight that they have to conquer and win, which makes them very passionate and intense at the beginning.

How Do Aries Men Act In Long Term Relationships?

In the long haul, this zodiac sign will go to great lengths to ensure their partner is satisfied in every aspect of the relationship. They become fiercely loyal and adapt more easily to the likes and dislikes of their partner. They also value being close to their loved ones. Aries women in love also act in a very similar manner!

Yes, these individuals can be a lot, but their enthusiasm is contagious in the long term. Overall, Aries men are great at the start of the relationship but even better in a long-term relationship.

What Are Common Aries Male Personality Traits In A Relationship?

Here is a list of the most common personality traits of an Aries male in a relationship.

  • Confident and Assertive - Aries men are extremely confident, energetic, and optimistic. They are not afraid to take the initiative, whether it's planning a surprise date or expressing their feelings
  • Passionate - Aries men bring a lot of passion into their relationships. This creates an exciting and dynamic relationship.
  • Romantic - Aries men like expressing their romantic side, which they do by often gestures of gifts such as flowers, thoughtful acts like coffee in bed or making a meal for their partner, or through passionate sex.
  • Loyal - Once they have committed to a relationship, Aries men become extremely loyal and protective of their partner.
  • Competitive and Adventurous - Aries men are very competitive as well as adventurous. This can make for an exciting relationship as it will be filled with active dates that involve some kind of challenge or competition.
  • Independent - Even though they are dedicated and passionate, they do value their independence and want often want time to pursue their own interests.

What Is The Worst Personality Trait Of An Aries Man In Love?

The worst traits of an Aries man in love are his selfishness, egotism, and impulsiveness, of which selfishness probably trumps the other traits.

An Aries man can be very self-centered and only think of themselves. They can be very stubborn and struggle to compromise, even though they are in love. Additionally, their impulsiveness can also cause friction in relationships.

However, it is important to know that not all Arie men are the same. If an Aries man really cares for his partner, he will pursue personal growth to ensure his partner remains satisfied in the relationship.

What Is The Love Language Of An Aries Man?

An Aries man's love language is words of affirmation - they love giving and being the recipient of heartfelt words. They often express their feelings through words and will send heartfelt declarations of their affection.

Additionally, Aries men also share an interest in the love languages: quality time and physical touch. They love spending time with their partner and being passionate and physical.

How Will You Know An Aries Man Is In Love?

There are a couple of tell-tale signs that an Aries man is in love. Here are some of these signs:

  • He's direct about his feelings.
  • He's protective and loyal.
  • He's generous with his time, prioritizing spending time with their partner.
  • He's passionate and affectionate.
  • He shows you off to others.
  • He takes initiative in the relationship.
  • He exhibits more patience than usual.

Which Love Language Does An Aries Man Hate?

An Aries man does not appreciate receiving gifts. While it is a thoughtful gesture to gift an Aries with something material, they value other forms of expressing love more, such as spending quality time, physical touch, and especially words of affirmation.

Which Sign Is The Best Match For Dating Aries Man?

Based on the data from our very own dating app, and the combination of strong and weak personality traits, we know that fellow fire signs Leo (Aries woman) and Sagittarius (Aries man) are the best matches for Aries, of which Sagittarius is the most ideal match for Aries men.

An Aries and Sagittarius relationship is filled with adventure and a drive for exploration. These two zodiac signs share an outgoing nature and a positive outlook on life. This means their relationship rarely experiences a dull moment, and they have a unique ability to motivate each other.

The Aries man also gets along well with air signs such as the Gemini.

Which Sign Is The Best Sexual Match For An Aries Man?

The best sexual match for an Aries man is debatable between Sagittarius dating signs and Leo signs. However, Sagittarius tends to lead this category as well, thanks to their ability to match an Aries man's adventurous spirit in and out of the bedroom. Both signs value exploration and spontaneity, which results in a fiery matching libido and ultimately leads to an exciting sexual relationship.

Who Is The Worst Match For An Aries Man?

The worst match for an Aries man is the grounded Taurus astrology signs. This is because Taurus is generally a slower, more deliberate sign, contrasting with the impulsive and fast-paced nature of Aries. In our experience, these two signs' different approaches to life lead them to frequent disagreements and misunderstandings.

What Are The Biggest Turn Offs For An Aries Man?

Here are the 4 biggest turn offs for an Aries guy in a relationship.

  1. Over-sensitivity: Because of their confident and bold nature, Aries men do not like partners who are over-sensitive or afraid of taking risks.
  2. Overly controlling: Aries men value their independence and don't like partners who try to control or manipulate them.
  3. Manipulation or deceitfulness: Aries men do not appreciate dishonesty or hidden agendas.
  4. Lack of spontaneity and passiveness: Aries men want someone that is not overly predictable or resistant to trying new things. They also don't want someone who is too passive; they enjoy someone who takes risks and action.

What Are Other Fire Signs Like In Relationships?

As already mentioned, Leo and Sagittarius are the other two fire signs. Similar to Aries, these fire signs have individuals that are passionate, energetic, and adventurous in relationships.

Leos are loyal, warm-hearted, and energetic in relationships. They love to enjoy life and have fun. These individuals are creative, passionate, and generous, often going out of their way to make grand and affectionate gestures to their loved ones. They can come across as ego-centric, but this is because of their need for validation and admiration. Overall, Leo's relationships are usually filled with excitement, spontaneity, and loyalty.

Sagittarians are enthusiastic adventurers, thriving on new experiences. They are honest, straightforward, and independent. Their independence might let them come across as aloof, but they are actually quite committed to their partners. They are passionate and enjoy physical touch and other forms of intimacy in relationships. This fire sign is direct in communication and not afraid to speak their minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs an Aries man doesn't like you?

If an Aries man doesn't like you, he will seem disinterested, unresponsive, or even avoid spending time with you.

Do Aries men argue a lot?

This sun sign doesn't argue too much, but they can be argumentative when they feel strongly about something.

What is the biggest pet peeve for an Aries man?

An Aries man's biggest pet peeve is inaction or passivity because of their typical energetic and action-orientated personality.

What is the biggest weakness of an Aries man in love?

The biggest weakness of an in-love Aries man is likely to be either his impulsiveness or lack of patience. This can sometimes lead to hasty decisions or misunderstandings between them and their partners, which can result in conflict.

The Bottom Line

Dating an Aries man is filled with excitement, passion, and a good dose of intimacy. Their unique personalities will ensure there is never a dull moment in your relationship. If you want to meet an Aries man, then you're in luck - our astrology dating app, Stars Align, helps you find a perfectly compatible astrological match. Plus, the app is loaded with other features, such as natal charts and Horoscopes! Give it a try - it is free!

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