Dating An Aquarius Man: What's It Like & Signs He Loves You

Ah, the intellectual and independent Aquarius. With an air of mystery that seems to defy description, it’s no wonder so many find themselves irresistibly drawn to him. Dating one is sure to bring adventure and unconventional to your life. While he might seem distant at the start of the relationship, he’ll grow more supportive once he’s committed.

An Aquarius man has some interesting and very thoughtful ways of showing he loves that any partner can appreciate. While signs like Gemini and Libra are most compatible with Aquarius men, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it work with this mystery man! In this article, we navigate the waters of the intriguing Aquarius and reveal what it’s like dating one.

What Is It Like Dating An Aquarius Man?

Ideas, innovation, and idiosyncrasies. These are all things you can expect from your Aquarius boyfriend. Uranus, the planet of innovation, rules Aquarius, so expect a non-traditional approach to romance – weird but thoughtful gifts, interesting dates, and fun relationship traditions.

Intellectual stimulation is his currency, and an emotional connection comes secondary. It’s a blend of intriguing conversation, quirky dates, and a sometimes puzzling emotional distance. The last one is especially present in the early stages of the romantic relationship.

What Is An Aquarius Man Like In The Early Stages Of A Relationship?

In the early stages, Aquarius men come off as genuinely interested but not overly emotional. He’ll listen to your stories and ask about them. Still, he won’t necessarily give his opinion to the extent he would normally give it to someone he has known for a while.

He’s more into exploring shared interests and diving into intellectual conversations than spending an evening whispering sweet nothings. But don’t mistake this for disinterest – it’s just how Aquarian men are wired compared to the different 12 Zodiac signs. They show they are into you through shared experiences and intellectual compatibility – it’s really something quite unique.

How Will An Aquarius Guy Ask You On A First Date?

Remember, this air sign does things a little bit differently. He won’t go for grand romantic gestures. Instead, an Aquarian guy will invite you to something that intrigues him, hoping it intrigues you too. Expect the unexpected – unconventional dates like a political rally, an obscure film, or a weird art exhibit.

How Do Aquarius Boyfriends Act In Long Term Relationships?

In a long-term relationship, an Aquarian romantic partner is supportive yet independent. They are surprisingly loyal but still have a need for personal space, which can sometimes make their partners feel neglected.

Therefore, communication is crucial if you want to make the relationship work with your Aquarius partner. Ultimately, once he’s committed, he is all in, albeit in his own unique way.

Do Aquarius Men Prefer Longer Term Girlfriends?

Despite this sign’s free-spirited nature, Aquarian men tend to prefer long-term relationships. This is because they value deep emotional and intellectual connections, which take time to build.

Therefore, if you want to date an Aquarius man, make sure you go into the relationship with the expectation of a long-term commitment. And if you’ve ever dated an Aquarius woman you know they also prefer long term relationships.

How Do Aquarius Boyfriends Act In Long Distance Relationships?

An Aquarius man copes surprisingly well with long-distance relationships compared to other air signs. This is due to their independent nature. In terms of Aquarius dating compatibility, the long-distance relationship gives him the space he cherishes while allowing him to maintain an emotional connection.

Nonetheless, he’ll still try and show he loves you in his way, whether it’s regular video calls, sharing articles, or planning future trips to keep the relationship vibrant.

5 Signs An Aquarius Man Loves You

If you are interested in an Aquarius man, you’re in luck – their tell-tale signs that he loves you is really easy to pick up compared to some of the other zodiac signs.

1. He Is Excited To See You

This is probably one of the most special signs that someone who loves you can give you. When an Aquarius man loves you, his usual calm demeanor will shift into genuine excitement in his body language and a sparkle in his eyes. When he greets you, you can feel the love he has for you.

2. He’ll Show Affection

While Aquarius men are not overly sentimental, they do find ways to touch you. He’ll try and do it subtly – sneaking in a kiss, holding hands, or a meaningful hug.

3. Brags About You To Friends

Who doesn’t like it when their boyfriend brags about them to his friends? When an Aquarius man is proud of you, he won’t keep it a secret. His friends will know all about you and your relationship with him while remaining respectful of your privacy.

4. He’s Curious About Your Day

An Aquarian man in love is genuinely interested in your life and will consistently check in to know about your day. When he asks you how your day was, he will pay attention, hold eye contact, and ask for further details about specific events – making you feel wanted and valued.

5. He Becomes Open & Vulnerable

Finally, the gold standard. If he’s opening up emotionally, it’s a sign he truly loves you.

While dating an Aquarius man is fairly easy if your personality matches and he loves you, there will always be bumps in the road. In the next section, we delve into some tips for dating an Aquarius man.

Tips For Dating An Aquarius Man

The first tip, and probably the most important, is to give an Aquarius sign space. Don’t make him feel suffocated in the relationship, as this will only push him away. Instead, give him the space he needs to breathe. If he wants to spend time with you, he’ll put in the effort to do so. But don’t come across as clingy or needy, especially when you start dating.

Next, be sure to stimulate him intellectually. Whether it is a romantic partner or just an Aquarius friend, they need to be stimulated, so go watch some documentaries or read interesting books.

This fixed sign has a tendency for spontaneity, so if you introduce this element into the relationship, it’ll make him love you more. Try to keep things exciting and especially unpredictable, which won’t be difficult if you’re a compatible zodiac sign.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Most Compatible With Aquarius Men?

Generally, free-spirited and spontaneous zodiac signs are compatible with Aquarius men. But the sign most compatible with Aquarius men is Gemini romantically. Upon meeting for the first time, the romantic connection is almost instantaneous. Over time, they form a strong intellectual connection and a harmonious relationship, valuing each other’s need for independence.

Additionally, the fire sign Sagittarius and fellow air sign Libra are also excellent matches for Aquarius men.

Can You Find Aquarius Boyfriends On Astrology Dating Apps?

Yes, and it’s fairly easy if you have the right astrology dating app. Stars Align, for instance, has thousands of Aquarius men looking for romantic partners. The app’s accurate zodiac-compatible matching makes it easy to find the right partner based on your astrological sign and personality. Plus, it has a wealth of other features, such as Horoscopes and Natal charts.

What Is An Aquarius Guy’s Favorite Personality Trait In A Girlfriend?

It has to be intellectual curiosity. An Aquarius guy wants a vibrant and intellectually stimulating relationship. Therefore, he needs someone who can offer that to him and make him even more intellectually curious.

Who Should Never Date Aquarius Men?

Clingy partners, stay away! An Aquarius man is not the one you’re looking for. If a traditional romantic relationship is what you want, then you should know from the start that an Aquarius man can’t offer it.

What Is The Worst Part Of Dating Aquarius Men?

It has to be his emotional unavailability and need for space. These two personality traits can sometimes leave their partners feeling lonely or neglected. That is why an Aquarius man needs someone with similar personality traits, like a Gemini, to ensure a harmonious relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Date Aquarius Boys?

Only if you’re not prepared for a relationship that defies traditional norms and thrives on intellectual and emotional freedom.

What Is The Love Language Of Aquarius Guys?

Acts of service is the love language of an Aquarius man. They love doing thoughtful acts for people, whether it’s taking out the trash, helping someone with their bags, or washing their car.

The Bottom Line

So, what do you think? Do you have what it takes to keep an Aquarius man interested and intellectually stimulated? Can you handle the fact that he’ll want to distance himself at times? Well, then, you’re in for quirky adventures and an untraditional relationship! If you’re ready to find the Aquarius man of your dreams, then head on over to Stars Align and search through the thousands of zodiac-compatible Aquarius men out there. Love might just be a click away!

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