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Aquarius Compatibility For Each Zodiac Sign (Love Match)

In order to understand the zodiac compatibility of an Aquarius you'll need to understand their personality. They tend to be very intelligent, independent, and empathetic people.

The most compatible signs with Aquarius tend to be Libra & Sagittarius signs. These people tend to be highly compatible on all levels: emotional, intellectual, and communication styles.

There are no 100% perfect rules when it comes to Aquarius compatibility. Sometimes people just click and their connection is undeniable. Hopping on an astrology dating app like Stars Align is a great way to find potential matches. In this post, we'll dive deeper into the topic of Aquarius zodiac compatibility and how dating apps can help!

What Zodiac Signs Are Most Compatible With A Aquarius Sign?

Below are the most compatible signs with an Aquarius ranked from best to worst. There is no ignoring the fact that compatibility with different signs of the zodiac is a complex topic. Check out these compatibility breakdowns to see which works best for your own personality traits and lifestyle.

1. Aquarius & Libra Compatibility

Aquarius and Libra zodiac signs have a strong natural compatibility. Both of these air signs effortlessly connect intellectually and enjoy stimulating conversations. Libra & Aquarius signs both need a partner that can hold deep conversations about different topics. In a relationship, these signs act as intellectual equals & supporting each other’s ideas and values. Here at Stars Align we've successfully matched MANY Libra and Aquarius signs!

2. Aquarius & Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius & Sagittarius signs are known to form a highly compatible and adventurous couple. Both of these signs tend to be very independent and share a love for exploration and freedom. Any sign that tends to be overly controlling (Cancers!) will not be a great match.

The personalities of these signs align perfectly. They have a shared thirst for knowledge and new experiences that makes them excellent partners. In a relationship, they act as enthusiastic explorers, encouraging each other's dreams and embracing a life filled with excitement and spontaneity.

3. Aquarius & Gemini Compatibility

Both Aquarius and Gemini zodiac signs have a natural affinity & attraction to each other. This might be due to their shared air element or simply because they both thrive on intellectual stimulation. Their personalities complement each other better than most. In a romantic relationship, these signs act as intellectual partners that spend their time in deep conversations and valuing each other's unique perspectives.

4. Aquarius & Aries Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries have a dynamic and energetic connection. Both signs are forward-thinking and independent, which fosters mutual respect in their relationship. However, their personalities can clash due to Aries’ impulsivity conflicting with Aquarius’ need for stability. In a relationship, they act as motivators, pushing each other to achieve their goals. While they may face challenges, their shared passion and determination can create a vibrant and exciting partnership.

5. Aquarius & Scorpio Compatibility

It's no secret that Aquarius and Scorpio's have a complex compatibility. While both signs are highly intelligent, their personalities can mesh seamlessly or clash due to Scorpio's intensity and Aquarius' aloofness. In a typical Scorpio & Aquarius relationship, these signs can complement each other perfectly and challenge each other's beliefs and perspectives. Or they could clash & cause potential conflicts due to their differences in emotional expression.

6. Aquarius & Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo have a challenging yet intriguing compatibility. They are both strong-willed and independent, which can lead to power struggles in their relationship. Their personalities clash due to Leo's desire for attention conflicting with Aquarius' need for freedom. In a relationship, they act as motivators, inspiring each other to pursue their passions. While their differences can create tension, mutual respect and compromise can lead to a dynamic and creative partnership.

7. Aquarius & Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius and Capricorn have a complementary compatibility. Capricorn’s practicality balances Aquarius’ innovative thinking, creating a stable and grounded relationship. Their personalities work together, with Capricorn providing structure and Aquarius bringing creativity and new ideas. In a relationship, they act as a supportive team, combining their strengths to achieve shared goals, fostering a partnership based on mutual respect and ambition.

8. Aquarius & Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius signs and Taurus signs have a challenging compatibility due to their differing personalities. These types of people just value different things in life. A Taurus might value stability and routine, while an Aquarius would tend to seek novelty and change. Their relationship dynamics can be strained because of these differences. Patience and compromise are essential for the relationship to flourish between these zodiac signs.

9. Aquarius & Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius share a strong intellectual and emotional connection due to their shared sign. They understand each other’s unconventional thinking and value their independence. In a relationship, they act as mirrors, reflecting each other’s ideas and dreams. While they have a deep understanding, they may face challenges related to emotional expression. Their shared need for freedom can either strengthen their bond or create distance, depending on their ability to communicate openly and honestly.

10. Aquarius & Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces have a complex and intuitive compatibility. Pisces’ sensitive and dreamy nature contrasts with Aquarius’ rationality, creating a unique dynamic in their relationship. Their personalities can either blend beautifully, creating a harmonious and creative partnership, or clash due to their differences in emotional expression. In a relationship, they act as spiritual companions, exploring profound depths of emotion and imagination. Trust and understanding are key for their relationship to thrive, as they navigate the balance between Pisces’ emotional depth and Aquarius’ need for intellectual stimulation.

11. Aquarius & Virgo Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo have a challenging compatibility due to their differing personalities. Virgo values order and precision, while Aquarius seeks freedom and innovation. Their relationship dynamics can be strained because of these differences. In a relationship, they act as contrasts, challenging each other’s perspectives. Patience and open communication are essential for their relationship to flourish, as they learn to appreciate each other's unique qualities.

12. Aquarius & Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer tend to have very poor compatibility. These people just do not get each other. They differ from each other in just about everything: life values, communication style, personality.

A Cancer will value a emotional connection and sense of security above all else. However, an Aquarius is always going to want independence and freedom. There is no denying that their relationship dynamics can be strained because of these differences. Patience and understanding are essential for their relationship to work. Sometimes opposites attract. But not when it comes to to Cancer and Aquarius sings!

Aquarius Compatibility Chart

The compatibility chart below breaks down the overall relationship compatibility with all 12 signs. Remember, relationship compatibility is not a math formula & there are always exception to every rule. But there is no denying the power & wisdom of the zodiac!

Do Aquarius Signs Use Astrology Dating Apps?

Aquarius signs love using different Astrology dating apps like Stars Align. This sign of the zodiac is known to be open-minded on dating apps. Their curiosity about unconventional ideas and interests can lead them to such apps, where they might enjoy connecting with others who share their fascination with astrology.

What's A Good Pickup Line For Messaging An Aquarius Sign On A Dating App?

An Aquarius appreciates intellectual stimulation and humor. A good pickup line could be: "Do you believe in parallel universes? Because in one of them, we've already met, and it was fantastic. Care to explore this one with me?"

If this astrology pickup line is too cringe for you, don't use it! There are plenty of other ways to slide into the DM's without seeming too corny!

What's The Personality Of A Aquarius Zodiac Sign In Love?

In love, Aquarius individuals are independent thinkers who value freedom and intellectual connection. They are open-minded and progressive, often seeking partners who share their ideals and passions for social causes. While the average personality of an Aquarius may appear aloof at times, they are deeply caring and loyal, valuing a relationship that allows room for personal growth.

What's It Like Dating Aquarius Guys?

Dating Aquarius men can be both exciting and challenging. They are intellectually stimulating and progressive, often introducing their partners to new ideas and experiences. However, the strong need of Aquarius men in relationships for independence can sometimes make them seem aloof or detached. Building trust and allowing them the space to express their individuality is essential for a successful relationship.

What's It Like Dating Aquarius Girls?

Dating Aquarius women is an adventure in itself. They are fiercely independent, intelligent, and socially conscious. Aquarius women in a relationship are often attracted to unconventional and unique experiences, valuing partners who respect their individuality. Engaging in meaningful conversations and supporting their passions can deepen the bond in a relationship with an Aquarius woman.

Which Zodiac Sign Is A Aquarius Sign Least Compatible With?

Aquarius signs are least compatible with Taurus. Most Taurus personalities value stability and routine, which often clashes with Aquarius' need for freedom and change. Their differing approaches to life can lead to misunderstandings and challenges in relationships, making it a less harmonious pairing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Hard To Date A Aquarius Sign?

Dating an Aquarius sign can be both rewarding and challenging. Their independence and intellectual nature can be inspiring, but their need for personal space and occasional emotional detachment can pose difficulties. Understanding their need for freedom while fostering emotional intimacy is key to a successful relationship with an Aquarius.

What's The Biggest Problem Aquarius' Face In Relationships?

One of the significant challenges for Aquarius in relationships is their tendency to prioritize intellectual connections over emotional ones. They might struggle with expressing their feelings openly, leading to misunderstandings with their partners.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should understand everything there is to know about the dating compatibility with Aquarius signs. Sagittarius & Libra signs tend to make the best match for an Aquarius man or woman. These people connect on an intellectual and emotional level that other signs simply cannot provide. If you're an Aquarius looking for the perfect match, consider checking out our dating app Stars Align to make things easier!

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