Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Astrological Compatibility Highlights. Prince Harry & Megan Markle. Stars Align compatibility score 5 out of 10

Meghan’s Sun (the very essence of who she is), Mercury, and Mars are all in Harry’s 7th house of marriage and partnership.The Sun in the 7th house is a classic aspect for marriage. Communication is very important in this relationship and they likely stimulate one another both mentally and physically. They turn each other on, but there may also be quite a few disagreements with Mars here.

Meghan’s North Node is in Harry’s 7th House of marriage. The North Node of the Moon is a very karmic point. The North Node is what we came to learn and what people we are supposed to meet in this life. Harry likely felt their meeting was his destiny. Harry embodies the kind of person Meghan has always wanted to marry.

Meghan’s ascendent (physical body, approach to life) is in Harry’s 7th house of marriage. Again this indicates their attraction for one another’s personality and physical appearance. This can denote an instant attraction. Love (or lust) at first sight.

Harry’s ascendent is trine Meghan’s Venus and Meghan’s Moon. They are very attracted to one another. Harry feels emotionally supported by Meghan and Meghan feels protected by Harry.

Harry’s Mars is in Meghan’s 5th house of self expression, fun, and romance. He has shown her quite an exciting life and encourages adventure both out in the world as well as the bedroom.

Meghan’s Venus is square Harry’s Mars indicating a fiery relationship. This partnership likely has high highs and low lows. There is electricity between them, but they may not always get one another.

Meghan’s Uranus is in Harry’s 10th house of career and life’s purpose. You can’t make this stuff up. Uranus ushers in change and can cause many disruptions, and this is not always pleasant. Uranus revolts and revolutionizes. If this doesn’t explain Harry’s change in career and stepping away from his royal duties…

Whether you think Meghan disrupted or revolutionized Harry’s professional life, she was certainly a force that completely altered his working life forever. Their work will probably continue to change and evolve.

Harry’s Chiron is trine Meghan’s Jupiter and Saturn. Chiron represents wounds and trauma, usually from childhood and possibly to do with one or both parents. We know Harry’s life was forever shaped and changed by the death of his mother, themes that came back when dealing with Meghan’s treatment in the press. Meghan has spoken about the wounds left by her parents divorce, also themes she had to contend with again when her father and sister came out against her in the press.

A trine is a positive aspect that denotes free-flowing energy between the two signs. These Chiron aspects show that healing from these traumas are a huge theme in their relationship. The partnership is likely very soothing to one another’s soul. They probably have many deep philosophical conversations and dig deep into each other’s psyches. They are both here to help one another heal.

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