Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd 2024

Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd 2024


In a firework display of attitudes and opinions, this Full Moon in Sagittarius functions as a path towards greater freedom and faith. As always with Full Moons, the Sun and Moon oppose each other, shining light on the hidden elements of our psyches. In this case, we are urged by the Full Moon Sagittarius to ditch outdated belief systems and narratives, and find new terrain. Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, projecting his arrow towards the heavens, in pursuit of great meaning.  Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius represents what we believe in. While Sagittarians are all about expansion and growth, this sign can also be hyper-opinionated and steadfast, with an insatiable appetite for excess. These characteristics should be monitored throughout this lunation, as our desire for extremes can overlook the rules. 

This lunation is ruled by Jupiter, stationed at 29 degrees of Taurus, signifying an elevated sense of values, as we prepare to embark on experiences with deeper meaning in the year ahead. This is a graduation from the lessons we have mastered with Jupiter in Taurus over the past year, where we stagnated in our desires, and focused mainly on what we deemed essential for a fruitful life. Jupiter opposes the Full Moon as it prepares an ingress into Gemini, bringing up big feelings and steadfast opinions. The emotions unearthed are clues, supplying wisdom about areas that require change. We are ready to trade the security and stability of the past year for new scenery and stimulus, even if it requires a leap of faith.

Occurring at 2 degrees on this astrological axis, the Moon in Sagittarius amplifies questions of faith, while the Sun in Gemini signifies the smaller stories we weave together, informing our perceptions and personalities. The Sagittarius is the know-it-all teacher, while Gemini is the steadfast student, supplying us with spontaneity. Sagittarius has the big ideas, and Gemini executes the vision. Both signs amplify our intellect and want us to expand our minds through exploring interests. Neither Geminis nor Sagittarians are fazed by controversy, as they both speak to what they see, even if it ruffles feathers. As these two go head-to-head, opinions can overrule facts, and flurries of sudden information accelerate conflicts.

In pursuit of a great adventure, Sagittarius has little patience for the small details. Debit cards and house keys disappear on the Sagittarian quest for expansion, for we have ventured through varied landscapes in pursuit of boundless adventure. Gemini supplies us with the details and the gossip (who, what, and where), while Sagittarius only wants to know WHY.  We are being asked to move beyond the stories we have adopted as truth, and venture into new possibilities. We can use the energy of this Moon to become observers, witnessing how our inner narratives influence our personal lives. 

 As the Moon in Sagittarius opposes Venus and Jupiter, we receive deep insights about our dealings with others. We have perhaps received the call to seek relationships with a deep purpose- but have we heeded the call? Are we acting out of habit or purpose? Moving forward, our appetite for variety in relationships surpasses the stagnation we have been stuck in. We want to be with people who see our worthiness, and therefore, strive to shake up our surroundings. Called by Sagittarius to move into uncharted territory, this Full Moon may incite conflict, divinely designed to propel us out of dead-end dynamics.

While Sagittarius and Gemini supply the cerebral stimulus, Neptune opens us up to more abstract, intuitive messages. Neptune in Pisces trines Jupiter, supporting us in accepting the situations that have reached a natural end. This aspect gives us access to higher realms of thought and enhances our visualization abilities while offering energetic assistance. It's the perfect time to ponder our personal philosophies, meditate, or reflect through journaling.  Neptunes’ influence can also  cloud our vision, and at times make us feel wobbly and doubtful when it comes to our choices and ideas. We may not know exactly where we are going (it may even feel like we are making it up as we go along), but we take on a kinder, more truthful perspective when looking at ourselves and others.

This Full Moon marks a unique astrological point, as we are caught between two ages, weighing options in two realities and two worlds. As we leave Jupiter in Taurus, we abandon stagnation and comfort, ready to embark on a grand adventure. If we listen, this Full Moon provides us with spiritual direction down an unbeaten path.


Releasing Old Beliefs

Expanding Outlooks

Purging Negative Perspectives

Speaking Up

Sharing Wisdom

Spiritual Growth

Pursuing Freedom

Telling the Truth

Foreign Terrain

Ancestral Research

Asking Big Questions



Purging Excess

Aries & Aries Rising

This Full Moon functions as a call towards spiritual expansion, as you embark on a journey towards greater understanding of the world at large. Stationed in your sector of faith and higher learning, this lunar event encourages you to expand beyond the mundane. Explore new perspectives, cultures, and spiritual practices that help you understand the bigger plan. Don’t let the humdrum mundanities of everyday life deter you from a deeper calling. 

Themes: Higher Learning, Travel, and Spiritual Belief

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Rather than falling back on codependent patterns, this Full Moon challenges you to become self-reliant and aids you in speaking up in situations if you feel undervalued. Falling into your sector of transformation and intimacy, this lunation functions as an exit valve for joint endeavors that have reached a necessary end. This could be a time when you're called to let go of something that no longer resonates, to make room for future connections. 

Themes: Intimacy, Sex, and Shared Energy

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

This Full moon highlights the connections you have outgrown, either through fall-outs or pronounced feelings. Rather than try and force something to work, let go of the reins, and try to have faith. Reality is waiting to provide you with more suitable dynamics. As the personal planets continue to recede into Gemini, more stimulating situations are on the horizon. 

Themes: Partnership, Collaborative efforts and  one-on-one connections 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

This Full Moon wants you to eliminate stressors from your day-to-day routine, by determining what is essential in your daily life. Lean into self-care and bodily nourishment, and make room for more downtime. Don’t overdo it.

Themes: Health, Routine and Self Care

Leo & Leo Rising

It's time to try and find healthy forms of fun whilst cutting down on your appetite for excess. Enjoyment shouldn’t be draining. Use the power of this Full Moon to find time to exercise your creative faculties, and formulate ways of experiencing pleasure that don’t burn out your social battery.

Themes: Pleasure, Romance and Play

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As this Full Moon falls on the axis of your work-home life, you are called to declutter your space and let go of any outlooks you inherited from your family about what you need to accomplish in life. You are clearing room both physically and spiritually for new ventures. 

Themes: Home and Early Upbringing

Libra & Libra Rising

If you have been caught in thought spirals or anxious patterns, now is the time to implement meditation and mindfulness, as this Full Moon helps alleviate mental blockages. Practice thinking and speaking with intention.Send out eviction notices from your headspace, and pave the way for bigger, better ideas. ​​​​

Themes: conscious mind, communication, thinking patterns. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

This Full Moon encourages you to look at your earning and spending patterns while remaining intentional about money matters. Remain mindful of the small details, and cut down on excessive spending. Instead, think of ideas for income, or small ways to invest in yourself. 

Themes: Money and Self-Worth

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You are given the gift of an all-encompassing perspective about your patterns in relationships. How can you better communicate with your partners and collaborators? What do you want from your one-on-one connections? While you bring visionary ideas to the table, sometimes you need help executing things. Try to trust other people more, as you embark on joint ventures.

Themes: Partnership and Personal Identity

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

While you like to remain focused on what is tangible, this Full Moon prompts you to ponder things of a more psychic nature. Lean into the realms of the unknown. Ditch the cynical attitude, and try to remain open to learning. Blockages that have hindered your spiritual expansion will naturally dissipate, so long as you keep an open mind. 

Themes: The Psychic and Subconscious

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Your friendships and relationship to community are subject to change over the duration of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Try to release fears you carry about other people's perceptions. You didn’t come here to follow the herd. Instead, you are asked to follow the beat of your drum in the upcoming months. Don’t worry if this ruffles feathers. 

Themes: Friendships and Networks

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Certain career ventures may come to a natural ending point, as you attempt to clear your headspace, opting for purpose work that doesn’t keep you feeling scattered. Your sense of self awareness illuminates the projects you no longer are interested in pursuing. Don’t be afraid to speak up. 

Themes: Work and Career Direction

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