Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde

Astrological compatibility analysis of Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles.

Written by Stars Align Chief Astrology Officer Breane Trotte.

Stars Align compatibility score is 5 out of 10.

Olivia Wilde – Born Olivia Jane Cockburn

March 10, 1984
New York City, U.S.
Harry Styles – Born Harry Edward Styles

1 February 1994
Redditch, England

(It should be noted that there is no birth time for Olivia Wilde, so we do not know her rising sign or house placement.)

Interestingly again we see the Sun sign matchup of an Aquarius (Harry Styles) with a Pisces (Olivia Wilde). Now as previously mentioned, this is not a typical matchup and signs that share a border are not natural matches. But, as we also know there are many other factors that play into compatibility. Such as…

Both of their Moon signs are in fun and flirty air signs where communication is an important part of what satisfies their emotional inner selves. (Styles in Libra, Wilde in Gemini).

Harry Styles has a stellium

Harry Styles has a stellium(4 or more planets in the same sign or house) in eccentric Aquarius and it is clear from his career and style, he is not afraid to embrace what makes him unique. What makes this stellium, or concentration of energy so important is that it is made up of all personal planets and luminaries. Harry Styles has his Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in this cool and forward-thinking sign. So his vitality and expression, the way he thinks, the way he loves and wants to be loved, and his ambition and sex-drive are all expressed through an Aquarian lense.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles share a Venus

Venus is very important in compatibility matters. Both Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles share a Venus in Aquarius indicating they see eye to eye in matters of love and romance. Venus in Aquarius is cool and can appear somewhat detached, but this placement makes neither of them very needy. This can be a positive factor, since their careers cause a fair amount of time apart.

Olivia’s Venus is conjunct Harry’s Mercury denoting communication between them is easy and loving. Olivia loves the way Harry’s mind works and he adores her eloquence and style.

But…Olivia’s Venus is also square Harry’s Pluto which creates a powerful and steamy connection that can border on obsession and a power struggle. This is one of Stars Align’s “red flags.” Harry’s Pluto may try and possess and absorb every part of Olivia. He may feel entranced by her beauty and could become extremely possessive if this aspect is not kept in check. The age difference between them could come in handy with Olivia being ten years his senior and a mature woman who knows her own mind.

Olivia’s Pluto

Olivia’s Pluto is square Harry’s Mars. This is also one of Stars Align’s red flags. This adds to the passionate and profound physical relationship they share, but the square causes a tension so great that a volatile reaction occurs. When Mars and Pluto are at the helm it usually means power struggles and obsession. If, however, they manage to keep this energy in check, they can harness it in a productive and powerful way.

I want to note Olivia’s Black Moon Lilith (BML) is in Gemini, which could mean shame associated with how she communicates and expresses herself when she was younger. Perhaps she didn’t feel heard. Usually these natives have an extremely sharp tongue whose words can feel like venom if she feels wronged. It could also mean promiscuity or infidelity.

Harry’s BML is in Aries. He may have been shamed at a young age for the way he expressed himself to the world. These natives can become aggressive and overly impulsive if they feel others are not accepting them for who they are.

If you haven’t noticed, Pluto plays a really large part in this partnership. Only this time it is positive without the danger. Harry’s Saturn is in almost an exact trine to Olivia’s Pluto, making him a stabilizing factor in her life and she a transformative one in his. This aspect gives these two staying power, and the ability to achieve great things together. The lessons (Saturn) these two learn because of this relationship could truly transform (Pluto) their lives forever.

Hary Styles Boring?

So from what we can tell in this incomplete synastry chart as this relationship is anything but boring and no matter if this is short lived or grows roots, it is certain to change their lives and leave a profound mark on their soul’s.

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