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Can Astrology Dating really help with finding the one?

How often do you hear a friend talk about them looking for a long term relationship, how she wants to find that special someone. How often you hear that they are done dating a narcissist or worse, yet another narcissist. Or maybe it is you who are longing for that perfect scorpio man or scorpio mars woman or getting into a dating game after divorce. No matter what your background story is, chances are your dating journey has digital beginnings. And what about astrology dating?

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Dating apps in a nutshell

How does a typical dating app work? It most likely links into your social media accounts which of course are a crystal clear reflection of your real life and self. Once the visuals are in, the app asks you questions about yourself, the usual – the name of your dog, your favourite color, school that you went to, your credit card number and exp date and yes, of course what kind of person would be right for you. The idea is ask a few questions and then it is easy to understand how someone lives their life and if they do fit into yours or not. Show the photos, run the swipes and all set.

Astrology dating is different

What makes astrology dating different is that it doesn’t ask you questions, instead it already knows who you are (mystery music starts in the background….) The same goes for the potential match.

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That sounds like a dating game killer! How does that prediction work? Relax, we got you covered. Below is a skinny on the subject.

Astrology is based on the zodiac signs that were around thousands of years ago. Each month has a set star sign that represents each individual. More specifically different traits of their personality. When two people have compatible personalities, they will both be happy together.

Compatibility in astrology dating

The compatibility is determined by your birth chart which tells your time, date, and place of birth. Your chart also gives information about your life path, your strengths, weaknesses, and relationships.

But how can this possibly work? Well, what if you could find out more about a person’s personality without even meeting them?

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Astrology claims you can. It comes with a plethora of tools including brain melting math formulas and geometric calculations. Fortunately, there is no need to do any manual number crunching, because Stars Align dating app does it for you!

Stars Align Dating app

Stars Align brings in more than just simple online dating. Its goal is to make a deeper connection between two people. By mapping the sky at birth, with each planet representing layers of ourselves, Stars Align develops a birth chart, unique to each of one of us. When you sign up, you’ll also have access to horoscopes based off your zodiac sign.

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The horoscope shows your innermost desires, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. All this information is used to pair you with other users according to your compatibility.

You can view your birth chart, find others’ charts and get recommendations for people who are compatible with your personality.

Best rated astrology dating app

Stars Align has been rated top among the best dating apps by the likes of Cosmpolitan magazine, Yahoo and others. Make no doubt, you’re in a good company.

Free astrology dating app for iPhone and Android?


Download the app on your device, using one of the links below (Android and iPhone) create a profile, click a few buttons and you’re on to finding your best astrology match.

Stars align is perfect for any kind of dating, be it vanilla, gay or lesbian dating.

The platform is respectful and free to use by everyone. No discrimination on gender, sex or age. So if you’re in to dating older women or dating older men, you can find someone here too.


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