Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Astrological compatibility review of Brangelina. Why Brad and Angie were doomed from an astrological standpoint

Brangelina; What went wrong according to astrology.

You can certainly see what attracted them to one another, but you can easily see what issues they may have suffered in the marriage and what ultimately broke them up. Her! (just kidding).

Their synastry chart is rife with oppositions and squares, both very challenging aspects. These are some standouts..

Angelina’s Neptune sits right on top of Brad’s Ascendent, meaning she probably both confused and manipulated him at times. Neptune dissolves and we now know he was completely absorbed into his life and even adopted her children.

His Venus opposes her Venus. There was absolutely love and attraction there, but they probably differed on what they found enjoyable, like food, style, and hobbies. How they spent their money may have been a point of contention as well.

A Stars Align Red Flag

Brad and Angelina’s Mars square each other making this a competitive showdown. A steel cage match kind of rivalry. This is a battle of the titans, so if you don’t want your face in the turnbuckle, you better draw up some serious rules. There is potential for a passionate, even animalistic sex life. The question is…is that enough?

This may have led to impulsive and aggressive arguments and out of control fury. Without compromise and consciousness, this aspect presents a major issue.

Brad’s Moon is quincunx Angie’s Mercury and his Mercury squares her Moon…Major communication issues, and highly emotional ones due to the presence of both of their moons.

A’s Moon square B’s North Node. When dealing with the moon or mathematical points dealing with the moon, it always comes back to emotion. And although this partnership probably felt fated (north node) the square makes this aspect packed with highly emotional difficulties to overcome.

A’s Saturn is opposite B’s stellium in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

By the way his stellium is made up of all personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Mars!) She probably felt responsible for him, and somewhat superior to him. He may have felt very restricted by her.

Angelina’s Sun is square Brad’s Uranus. Quite sure their relationship started under high-speed and abnormal circumstances (as he was still married to my girl Jen). Surely exciting at first, there were probably many unexpected and unwelcome ups and downs. Angelina’s Sun probably did not appreciate Brad’s erratic and wild behavior, and may have felt she wasn’t able to fully shine because of it. This aspect also shows it was hard to stay committed.

A Stars Align Red Flag

A’s Sun square B’s Pluto. Again this shows this was a powerful and life-changing relationship for them both, with a fierce attraction. Power struggles were probably soon to creep in though. This aspect can indicate emotional abuse and even violence, which is what brought them back into the news today..

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