Premium features

Premium Astrology at Your Fingertips. Unlock enhanced compatibility analysis, exclusive access to advanced astrological insights, and priority matching with fellow premium users, all designed to help you find your perfect celestial partner.

Know Your Admirers

View Who Likes You (Connecting Stars)

Stay ahead in your celestial love journey with Stars Align Premium’s Connecting Stars feature. See who’s already smitten by your cosmic charm and take charge of your destiny by initiating a conversation with your potential soulmate.

See who likes you on zodiac dating

Dive Deeper

Reveal Black Moon Lilith and Juno Content

Unlock the hidden secrets of your astrological connections with Stars Align Premium. Explore the mysteries of Black Moon Lilith and Juno in your potential match’s profile, and gain a deeper understanding of your cosmic compatibility.

Unlock the Full Picture

View All 6 Photos of Your Potential Match

Get a complete glimpse of your potential match with Stars Align Premium! Now you can view all 6 captivating photos to truly understand the person behind the profile and spark a connection that’s more than just written in the stars.

Learn Astrology

Full access to personalized content in SA Astrology Wheel

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of astrology. Dive deep into the celestial intricacies of your birth chart and unveil the cosmic influences that shape your life, love, and destiny. This comprehensive access allows you to explore every facet of your astrological journey

Master Your Cosmic Destiny

Set Your Compatibility Score Range for the Perfect Match

Take control of your astrological love journey with Stars Align’s premium feature that empowers you to customize your compatibility score range. Fine-tune your search for the perfect celestial connection, ensuring that your matches resonate with your unique energy and preferences. This personalized approach puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to create a love story that’s authentically aligned with your cosmic blueprint. Upgrade to Stars Align Premium and experience the magic of forging connections that transcend the ordinary.

Explore the Cosmos Discreetly

Incognito Mode for a Personalized Astrological Adventure

Embark on a private and personalized astrological quest with Stars Align’s premium Incognito Mode feature. Browse the celestial landscape discreetly, as your profile remains hidden from users you haven’t liked, ensuring a comfortable and secure dating experience. This stealthy approach allows you to navigate the cosmos with ease, handpicking potential matches who truly align with your unique celestial energy. Upgrade to Stars Align Premium and unlock the freedom to explore love’s cosmic connections on your own terms.