Your personal data security is our top priority at Stars Align and we understand that your profile may contain highly sensitive personal data.

Every day we do our best to implement industry best practices and standards. Below is a quick outline of what we do.

Communication security

To secure communication over the network, we use HTTPS protocol, encrypting your data at all times as it moves through the internet between your phone and our servers. 


Stars Align keeps all data including activity, original files, and customer’s data in the cloud, in separate places.

Our database is encrypted and end-user sensitive data is never logged and engineers have no access to this data. 

Isolated environments

Stars Align Production environment is isolated from staging and development environments.

Every environment is located on the separate cloud account into separate virtual private networks.

All our production servers are immutable, continuously patched Docker-based systems.

Customer payment data

Stars Align does NOT store any credit card information whatsoever. We have NO access to any of your financial details at any time.

All payments are processed by third parties, either by the Apple or Google who take full responsibility for payment security.