Safety Tips

Online astrology dating should be safe and fun

Do not send money or any financial information. If another user is asking you for money, please report this user immediately. Even if the user claims to be in extremely difficult situation, DO NOT wire money. Never share your financial information or banking details.

Personal information. Never share personal information such as social security number, your exact home or work address with people who you don’t know. Also, if you are a parent, limit sharing information about your children in early stages of communication.

Do not rush to move communication off the platform until you trust the person. Users with bad intentions may often rush you to move to personal interaction via messages, WhatsApp, etc. Take your time and don’t rush until you trust the person.

Report any suspicious behavior or harassment immediately. Report or block users whose behavior is crossing the line of acceptable norms, for example:

  • Request to send money
  • Forceful and inappropriate behavior online or in-person
  • Threats or harassments
  • Users under the age of 18 years old
  • Spam or attempts of solicitation
  • Fake profiles


Take your time. No matter what your zodiac compatibility is and how hot your love horoscope, don’t rush to meet new people until you feel comfortable and have built trust.

Meet in a public place. Make sure to arrange first date in a public place and let your friends and family know about your plans and location. If your date pressures you to head to a private location, end the date and leave immediately.

Don’t leave your drinks or personal items unsupervised. Make sure never to drop your guard. If you left your drink unattained, change a drink. Only accept drinks from sealed containers (which are being opened in front of you). Most substances which are used for sexual assault are tasteless and odorless.

Don’t go overboard. Know your limits and don’t drink too much, as it will affect your decision-making and judgement.

Use your own transportation. Don’t share your personal details and address until you are comfortable and can trust the person.

Consent. Sexual activity may only start with a mutual consent. Do not proceed if you are unsure about partner’s consent. If at any point you feel forced into sexual interaction, leave immediately.

Sexual safety & health. Use condoms to significantly reduce the risk of getting or transmitting STIs, including HIV. Get regular heath checkups and STIs testing to stay on top of your sexual health.

Please remember if you have a negative experience during the date, it’s not your fault. Report any incidents to Stars Align. If you feel in immediate danger, call 911.