The New Moon in Gemini and the Multi-Planetary Allignment

The New Moon in Gemini and the Multi-Planetary Allignment

New Moons are prime times for setting intentions, as the Sun and the Moon unite initiating a six-month cycle of abundant change. Located at 16 degrees in the sign of Gemini, this lunation emphasizes the power of written and spoken words, as our narratives pave the way for new realities. We are pushed to be open minded and curious about future potentials, and start formulating a new story-line for the upcoming months.  With Venus joining both the Moon and Sun, this lunation has a special magnetism, enhancing our ability to attract what we speak and think about, leading to quick manifestations. New contacts and connections are likely to form during this time, as we seek variety and excitement through our relationships and environments.

With Mercury in Gemini ruling this New Moon and forming a wide conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini, the focus on mental expansion is pronounced. This alignment encourages us to dream big, highlighting where we can find prosperity in the coming year. This is an excellent time for learning, teaching, and sharing information. We want conversations that open our minds and connections that carry us to new heights, even if they challenge our present outlook.. Our personal truth feels amplified, and we're more assertive than usual in expressing our viewpoints.

Watch out for a challenging square from Saturn, suggesting struggles with authority or external blockages. Here, we may experience bouts of disillusionment with the status quo and are encouraged to practice mindfulness, particularly regarding our digital consumption. Gemini isn’t known for its patience, but we may have to repeat or redo something if we rush it.  Taking breaks from media and exercising discipline in our digital diet can help us maintain clarity.

Pluto trines both Jupiter and Mercury, bringing hidden feelings to the surface and transforming our trajectories. Harmoniously supported by a trine from the Nodes of Fate, suggesting that we are reassessing our relationships and moving toward our destined paths. This alignment offers potent opportunities for interpersonal transformation and encourages us to embrace growing interdependence, a key theme of this astrological year.

This New Moon signifies the beginning of a path of change, provided we trust our ability to grow and learn from whatever comes our way. It's an ideal time to seek help in making choices, particularly concerning our relationships. Setting intentions for self-expression, clearing our communicative channels, and infusing our lives with more variety will yield lasting results.

New Moon in Gemini Themes


New Experiences

New Connections

Self Expression


Written word


Short Journeys

Local Environment


Aries and Aries Rising

This New Moon energizes your sector of learning and local community. Luck can be found in exploring a new skill or from a chance encounter in your neighborhood. No stranger to speaking up, Aries placements give you the gift of a bold perspective. This is a chance to speak to what you see, and communicate your outlook with intention. Unexpected blessings may come from both studying and socializing, so set intentions about how you communicate and engage with your surroundings.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

As you expand, you're experimenting with new ways to earn. Set intentions for financial matters, letting lucrative opportunities find you. Stepping up with confidence is crucial; the more you can ignore imposter syndrome and embrace a sense of worthiness, the better your prospects. 

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Use the New Moon in Gemini to set intentions for personal expression. Consider switching up your style and revamping how you present yourself to the world.Its an excellent time for a personal make-over, and doing things that amplify your self expression. How do you want to be seen? Where do you need to step into the limelight? Curate a new look and experiment with ways to showcase your unique identity.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Set intentions about deepening your spiritual connection and honoring your intuition. As this New Moon falls into your sector of the subconscious, it might be time to reel in your energy, and set aside quiet time for yourself. Consider what you need to recuperate and rejuvenate your energy. Focus on what parts of your inner world need attention and create downtime to listen to these psychic nudges.

Leo and Leo Rising

If you have been feeling unheard or misunderstood, this New Moon wants you to revamp your social circle. Set intentions for new friendships and social surroundings. Visualize the ideal friend and focus your mind of the feeling of inclusion you so deserve. Embrace opportunities to collaborate with others, working towards common goals for long-term fulfillment.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Its time to think big and aim higher in your professional life. The New Moon is inciting six months of changes in your career direction, helping you pivot and perfect your perspective. Ponder possibilites that align with your core mission. Use this energetic influence to set clear objectives, develop strategic plans, and take decisive action toward achieving success.

Libra and Libra Rising

The New Moon in Gemini encourages you to set intentions for adventure. You may be struck by a sense of wanderlust, encouraged to embark on a far away trip. Consider where you want to go in the next six months, physically or metaphorically. Whether planning a trip or exploring new ideas, embrace the journey.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

This New Moon invites you to lean deeper into existing connections, and let your guard down. Its a time for transforming your approach to closeness. Set intentions for deeper intimacy and find new ways to keep things exciting in your sex life. Daydream about your ideal relational dynamic and what it would feel like.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

This New Moon is inviting new people into your corner, offering a helping hand that aids in grounding your vision with pragmatic action. Focus on setting intentions for new relationships, partnerships, and collaborations. Think about the adventures you want in the next six months and what you need to feel engaged in your friendships or flirtations. Consider the new connections you want to make.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

This New Moon highlights your sector of health, and encourages you to switch up your day-to-day routine. What do you need to feel more stimulated and engaged in your daily life? Lay down the framework for physical healing and set sustainable self-care intentions that support your well-being.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Inspiration strikes, and you may find yourself craving artistic expression, experimenting with new mediums. Its an ample time to set intentions for true love, creative pursuits, and healthy outlets for pleasure and play. Think about what brings you joy and how you can integrate more of it into your life.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

This New Moon falls into your sector of home and family, and encourages you to impliment pragmatic changes that help you find your roots. Consider what you need to feel a sense of belonging. Set intentions to enhance your home environment and reimagine your space to better support your emotional and physical comfort.

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