Gemini Season

Gemini Season

Turning our backs on the tranquility of Taurus season, we are propelled into a period of change as the Sun switches it up in the lively sign of Gemini. In the season of the Twins, we are compelled to follow our curiosity rather than the safety and security we sought in Taurus season. Gemini amplifies our communicative channels; we suddenly crave stimuli and lively social settings, aiming to avoid boredom at all costs. We become ambidextrous adolescents, attempting to do it all at once. We seek experiences that tell a good story- sometimes with little concern for consequences.

 In Gemini season, we love linguistically expressing ourselves through back-and-forth banter, sending risky texts, and spontaneously going for romantic drives. Everything feels immediate and engaging. We might be fickle, and at times flaky, simply because we want to do it all at once. Like spirited teenagers, we swap stories and secrets, experimenting with new ventures, fueled by a relentless curiosity to explore the unknown. 

The entry of Jupiter into Gemini on the 25th adds an extra boost of energy to this already dynamic season. Jupiter is the biggest planetary body in our solar system, symbolizing faith, far-off places, expansive experiences, and of course- luck. This Gemini season, we are shown where to find abundance and advancement over the next year. As the power planet of prosperity and magnitude moves into the sign of the Twins for the first time in fourteen years, we receive lightning bolts of information. We have upgraded creative circuits, and our intellectual faculties are turbocharged, motivating us to change our mindset. We are seeking answers to the unanswerable, shifting, and recalibrating, and we are eager to diversify our day-to-day lives.

As Gemini is affiliated with our intellect, this potent alignment amplifies our optimism. We can try on new perspectives, remaining playful and curious in our approach to life. However, amidst all the excitement, we must remain mindful of the potential pitfalls of scattered energy and duplicity. No stranger to controversy, the sign of Gemini can at times, reveal more truth than is necessary.  It's essential to avoid gossip, as well as the temptation to take on too much at once. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd could bring opposing opinions to the tipping point, as our big beliefs counteract with our immediate surroundings. Try to avoid political discussions, as heightened tempers and animated outlooks lead to flare-ups. Instead, focus on harnessing the power of the mind, by embracing the joy of learning and self-expression. The New Moon in Gemini accentuates the themes the twins rule for the next month, so use the energy of the 6th to jot down lasting written intentions.  It's an ample time for mastering a new skill, writing a tell-all memoir, and social experimentation.


May 20th Sun Enters Gemini

May 23rd Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 23rd Venus enters Gemini

May 23rd Jupiter sextile Neptune

May 25th Jupiter Enters Gemini

Jun 3rd Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 6 New Moon in Gemini

Jun 9 Mars enters Taurus

Jun 17 Venus enters Cancer

Jun 17 Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 20 Sun enters Cancer


Aries and Aries Rising

Jupiter in Gemini is bringing an expansive energy into your sector of conscious thinking, clearing out any cynical or self-deprecating thinking patterns. For the next two years, your outlook is expanding. Your thirst for knowledge is insatiable, as is your propensity to speak your truth. You implement new intellectual skills, you learn fast. It's time to think big, dream bigger. Navigate life with the secret belief that anything is possible. The planets are conspiring in your favor. Be playful with your perception.

Themes: communication, mental stimulation and creative ideas 


Taurus and Taurus Rising

As the planets position into Gemini, money matters are accentuated. You are certainly prepared for more prosperity, but shouldn’t shy away from making long-term plans with your pocketbook. Be on the lookout for inventive new revenues to earn and expand income over the next year. With Jupiter entering your sector of finances, an increased level of earning is almost certain- but you have to leverage your luck by defeating imposter syndrome. Revamp your self-image. Spruce up your self-worth. You deserve it all. 

Themes: self-esteem, expanded talents, and finances 

Gemini and Gemini Rising

It’s the season for self-expression, strong stylistic choices, and self-confidence. Be striking in how you show up. When you enter rooms, all eyes are on you as Jupiter prepares to enter your sector of self. You are embodying greater self-awareness, reclaiming your many talents, assured a paranormal amount of personal magnetism. This is the time to supply yourself with a strengthened understanding of self, through both philosophical research and bursts of holistic mischief. Let your innate curiosity guide you into new horizons.

Themes: self-identity, appearance, and personal perspective


Cancer and Cancer Rising

Gemini season illuminates your sector of spirituality and the subconscious as you ponder deep mysteries, eager for answers. With Jupiter, the generous planet of luck and belief, preparing to sit in this sector of your chart for a year, prosperity can be found in spiritual pursuits. The more you can trust in your own subconscious, the greater gifts play out for you in the physical. You are encouraged to practice meditation, intend using visualization, and expand upon your psychic gifts. Although this may lead to a period of social isolation, the rewards you reap will be bountiful, as you uncover latent spiritual abilities.

Themes: Spirituality, subconscious and the psychic.


Leo and Leo Rising

Gemini season brings a sense of variety and liveliness to your social sector, as you collaborate with like-minded confidants, called to a joint mission. Group projects and new networks bring prosperity into your life, as you receive recognition and respect from your peers. With Jupiter revving things up in this region, luck can be found from friendships, as you seem to naturally gravitate towards the right people at the right time. You are seeking out your soul tribe, clearing through the karmic contracts of the past year. Don’t underestimate the power of group effort, and use this season to formulate a more fortunate vision of the future. 

Themes: Hopes and Wishes, Friendships and Networks

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Career shifts are on the horizon, as you seek out greater stimulus in your work environment. You are eager to find a vocation that keeps you interested, while paying the bills.  With professional matters picking up momentum, you can use your newfound sense of clarity to determine a new direction - one that best suits your core purpose. With Jupiter joining the conversation, you are propelled into a period of greater authority in your professional life, capable of reaping lasting rewards. Expand upon whatever it is you want to do for work, and build a strong sense of confidence that you can utilize in the face of greater responsibility. Your skills of organization and adaptability are in high demand. Stay focused on the task at hand, and expect prosperous results.

Themes: Professional visibility, work matters, career path. 

Libra and Libra Rising

With Gemini Season amplifying your appetite for change, you may feel called to far off lands, as the Sun enters your sector of travel and philosophy. Your wanderlust drives you to discover new things, leading you on adventures as you attempt to answer the unanswerable. Whether you're on a voyage to Rome, or pursuing educational endeavors, by the end of the season- your perspective has shifted for the better. Remain open to shaking up your surroundings, and lean into curiosity. You need a broadened horizon and open spaces, maybe from a simple weekend getaway.

Themes: Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

The Suns’ ingress into Gemini promises to keep things sultry, as it stirs up your sector of intimacy and sexual connections. This is your call to take existing bonds to a deeper level, and challenge the thought patterns that prevent you from feeling truly known. With Jupiter, planet of belief, aiding this transition, you are called to change your outlook in relationships. Try and look for the best in people, and let your previous patterns go. You are rewriting old narratives in relationships, opening up to an era of engaging entanglements, ready to feel fulfilled and understood. 

Themes: Intimacy, sex and transformation.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

As Gemini season enlivens the mood, you are called to make new connections, eager to socialize and collaborate. With Jupiter, your ruler, also moving into the sign of the Twins, you are promised more stimulating connections, as well as luck from your dealings with others. You find fun from forging new connections, and joint efforts aid you in executing unfinished projects. Prospective partners may make a sudden appearance, as well as co-workers who support your sense of creative vision. Say yes to anyone who offers you a helping hand, and don’t shy away from occasional bouts of healthy mischief and spontaneous adventure.  

Themes: Partnerships, Collaborators and Connections

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

A surge of physical energy aids you in diversifying your routine, as the Sun and Jupiter land in your sector of daily routine, adding some much needed stimulation. It's the ideal time to master your mind-body connection, and experiment with new modalities of healing. Jupiter's influence brings a sense of fulfillment from everyday matters, assisting you in completing whatever you start. This highlights opportunities for prosperity in both your work and on your healing journey over the coming year. Be flexible about your schedule, and open to new work opportunities that arise during this dynamic period.

Themes: Daily Work, Health and Routines


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Pleasure and prosperity await, as Gemini season highlights your sector of fun and enjoyment. Find new and inventive ways to let loose and engage with your inner child, while following creative impulses. Jupiter's influence sends lightning bolts of artistic inspiration for the next year, encouraging you to embrace new creative mediums, and forge out foreign methods of fun. As this sector also applies to true love, this next juncture bodes well for dating, drawing you towards destined connections. All forms of enjoyment are encouraged.

Themes: Self-Expression, Creativity and Romance. 


Pisces and Pisces Rising

If you are looking to switch up your surroundings, the stars supply you with answers, as Gemini season falls into your home space. Declutter, or experiment with a different style. With Jupiter entering Gemini, you may feel called to make a big move, eager to expand your understanding of your greater environment. It's a very fortunate time for finding your dream home, and infusing your space with more magic. This also bodes well for eliminating outdated dogmas or beliefs, adopted in early childhood. Let yourself seek out a sense of belonging and comfort, assisting your day-to-day.  

Themes: Family, Home, Living Environment

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