When combining dating and astrology,
Stars Align reimagines dating and the way we find true love.

By mapping the sky at birth, with each planet representing layers of ourselves, we develop a birth chart, unique to each of one of us. The birth chart is an astrological representation of who we are and our life’s gifts and challenges. Stars Align not only provides the chart, but also explains every feature of it in order to encourage a new angle of self-reflection and illustrate our collective human experience.

Stars Align then compares two birth charts to discern the flowing or challenging energies between a potential match and applies an overall Compatibility Score. The intent of the score is to nudge two people together who might not have otherwise met and who just might share a soul connection.

“I have always been fascinated by why you feel so connected and drawn to one person over another,” said Gelika Bücker, Founder and CEO of Stars Align. “Our mission is to help people find someone who makes their heart sing and pushes them to be better; that soul connection that gives true understanding of one another without any explanation.”

The highly precise algorithm extracts data from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and maps the celestial bodies at a single event to create the birth chart, before calculating the dynamic compatibility score in real-time. Other features of Stars Align will include horoscopes to indicate when love might be just around the corner, an astrologer chat room, and astrology readings.