Shallow connections are a thing of the past. So are curated dating profiles. Using astrology, Stars Align reimagines the way we find meaningful partnerships. Your sun sign is the subject of hundreds of memes, tweets, tik toks and podcasts. Let’s face it, astrology is in right now because we are coming off a year of forced solitude that gave way to powerful introspection. For better or worse, everyone is learning a little bit more about themselves in the 2020’s.

Importance of a Birth Chart

Think of your birth chart like a roadmap to your personality. By establishing where the celestial bodies were at the exact time you entered the world, Stars Align provides an in-depth explanation of every layer of your personality so you can connect with people as the real you.

Our mission and dating compatibility

It’s simple. We believe in cosmic connections. Our mission is to help you find someone who makes your heart sing and pushes you to be better, that soul connection that involves true understanding of one another without any explanation.

Stars Align will keep your astrological conversations and connections current and alive with intuitive and personalized content, downloadable high-res birth charts, interactive compatibility scores with match highlights, and daily horoscopes to indicate when love might be just around the corner.

Natal chart compatibility

We don’t know what your favorite karaoke song has to do with your hopes and dreams, but we do know that your Black Moon Lilith reveals your repressed sexuality, your Juno your marriage potential, and that might be more important in the scheme of things. You provide us with your birth date, time & location and we’ll tell you and your potential matches what harmonies and/or challenges lie ahead what makes you tick and when — so you can stop swiping and start connecting.

Astrological dating done easy

Forget about using free online synastry calculators, the app also takes away the complexity of manually reading birth chart compatibility. With Stars Align you immediately up your astrological dating game, because everything is done automatically and matches and compatibility scores are found by the app. And if you really like to do things yourself, you can also download your birth chart, which the app generates for you.

Expert reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our press page, to see what major news outlets say about the best astrology dating app.